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Looking into 2019 for the biggest and most anticipated horror movies coming next year. Including It: Chapter 2, Annabelle 3, Godzilla: King of the Monsters, Us, Glass and many more!

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Ale says:

La ll(go)orona LOL

TheIndianaGod TIF says:

I think us will be a good movie

Blake Blake says:

You always make me wet

Bennett24 says:

No Conjuring 3 or the Crooked Man? The Conjuring universe is my favorite scary movie franchise.

Mia says:

who tf would make an entire movie about llorona??? total bullshit and wow is Hollywood getting lazy. Whats next? an evil interpretation of twinkle twinkle little star??? like bye

Slipknot Fan 666 says:

“I can’t wait for the Gallows sequel” said nobody

k b 27 scratch guy says:

the boy ended with Braun fixing the doll

Micah Brunet says:

Terminator is gonna suck. Just saying

jokerhalo1 says:

The pictures for each story in scary stories to tell in the dark where nightmare inducing by themselves. So a movie should be terrifying

FutureBerea Alumn says:

La Yorona. The double L makes a Y sound.

PrettyFacePeaches says:

Scary stories to tell
In the dark was one of my favorite books in elementary school!!! Did anybody else read the EEK series ????

Oscar Leon says:

Just do bird box

Kylie Benson says:

I’m literally so fucking ready for 2019 movies. Like bring it on im ready

ViATRiX97 says:

Feel like if you took the time to research and put together clips and what not of each movie then you would have just researched how to say la llorona properly, none the less still a subscriber keep them videos coming lol (2 L’s make a Y sound so it’d be pronounced yorona)

Android shits on Apple says:

Hey Foundflix, please do a review for the new 4th episode of Into The Dark series.

PerfectEternita says:

While I’m excited to see Glass, I’m hesitant since it’s coming out in January. Every one knows January horror movies are usually DOA, but hopefully Glass can fix that stereotype.

megaalex28 says:


Alex Moniz says:

Bird box left me confused asf u should do an ending explained and maybe even a monsters explained on it

Omar Garcia says:

What about dont breath 2

Kzero says:

Just a heads up for those who don’t speak spanish, La LLorona is said “La Yorone-a” .

Ethan Griffith says:

Was that John Lithgow in pet cemetery.

Jesse says:

Get Out wasn’t a horror movie 🙁

Lord of Deathcore says:

Godzilla and us are my most anticipated for 2019

Amplify barca says:

Can you please explain about wrong turn all 6 movie

Vicente says:

Great video! Looking forward to a lot of these, but this was by far the worst pronunciation of “La Llorona” I actually laughed out loud

Orianna Walker says:

what about escape room ? it looks like a good movie from the trailer

Selena beauty and vlogs Hernandez says:

Please do Bird Box ending explained next

Crystian Correa says:

Llorona ||Yo-Roe-NAH||
Ouch dood hope this helps when you get the review out

CloverGlow StevieB33 says:

Omg 2019 looks AWESOME for horror movies!

Addict Lyie says:

*silently waits for Glass*

Bandicoup says:

Godzilla is Horror?

Thewhitefox 313 says:

Train to busan


They should do trilogy of terror remake

John McGahan says:

Really appreciate the effort in ur videos

joshua garcia says:

When he ends it with “see ya next time for Bird Box”.. what a cliff hanger..

kimberly rios says:

Ik this movie is old and it isn’t really horror but can gou review and explain further the movie called The Lovely Bones

SD J says:

I cannot wait for 3 From Hell.

Gator Boys says:

Yes zombieland is coming back

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