Us (2019) – Horror Movie Review

Bloodbath and Beyond reviews the movie Us directed by Jordan Peele and starring Lupita Nyong’o, Winston Duke, Shahadi Wright Joseph, and Evan Alex.


A family’s serenity turns to chaos when a group of doppelgängers begins to terrorize them.


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Ryan Frieman says:

Oh, and Jay…..skip the movie Trauma.

joceline says:

Also I totally agree with you guys 100%

XXDoubleHHXX says:

I’m so excited for Jordan Peele’s Twilight zone reboot

Craig Johnson says:

Literally just left the cinema here in the UK and I have to agree with you. Beautifully shot and acted, great middle third. But the ending was ultimately a let down and overall it lacked the tension I was expecting. Also very long. At points reminded me very much of the 1980s British TV show Hammer House of Horror episode ‘The Two Faces of Evil’ which told a similar story (in an hour)

Nicholas Garcia says:

Anyone else get annoyed when Mom tries to keep the kid on “beat” and she’s totally off beat!!!!

mic dundee says:

it was more scifi than horror or thriller

My Good Channel says:

It’s 3 out of 5. Not a masterpiece at all, not even close to Get out. Unfortunately.

joceline says:

Just got back from watching it!!

Jason Robertson says:

Why or when did we shift to every movie needing to be so long. Full metal jacket was obnoxiously long but at least feels like 2 separate features and still has under 2 hour run time.

Ryan Frieman says:

Can’t wait to see!!

Steve Ramsey - Woodworking for Mere Mortals says:

I enjoyed the film and had a lot of fun watching it, but I do think it suffers from high expectation letdown after Get Out.

Racer X says:

Well you guys save me some time

Jen LuvsHorror says:

We really liked the movie but it did not scare me. But overall we really enjoyed it

Mr. Freeman says:

considering Get Out sucked and people were basically bullied into lying about how much they loved it, I pretty much expected nothing less from Us with all of it’s embarrassing pandering kiss ass reviews and critics laughingly praising Jordan Peele like some kind of of second coming.

Donnie Darko says:

Seeing this tomorrow at a brand new theater :p Can’t wait for Pet Semetary next month tbh

clown boy says:

I want to watch this movie and I still need to see get out but I now know what to expect and not to expect keep up the good work guys

Open Minded says:

Don’t like this review but meh, you guys are meh. Movie was great and wish it was more than 2 hours

Amy's Autopsy Report says:

Great review! I’m looking forward to checking it out for sure! But I was kinda wondering if it would be mediocre .

thaistomp says:

This movie looks like complete shit.

Chad Conway says:

Well coming from guys that watch a lot of SHIT films, this review is pretty lame
Cuz in my opinion this was a great horror film and not run of the mill.

lmk001 says:

I saw this today. I really liked it. I thought there was a ton of symbolism and metaphors. I can sort of see why you think the ending was predictable but people will have a long time to wonder if they guessed correctly. The beginning was a a tad long but it set up a lot of payoffs. Trying not to spoil too much.

divaducks says:

just a little bit of support for you guys. you’re my favorite horror movie review channel. you’re fun, honest and not afraid to review movies that a lot of horror channels wont touch because of “quality” i hope your channel grows even more, best name, best reviews, and so on. thank you for all of it. and yeah, eventually i will see this lol.

Annie Gold says:

Just watched the movie. I didn’t really like it. It has quite a lot of unused potential.

Michaelangelo Zambrana says:

The ending of the movie was nice. Good twist. The dad got annoying because of all the jokes. I was laughing more than I was scared or felt for the family

hellbound heart says:

I liked get out but I think I’ll wait for Blu Ray for this one

Darth Zado says:

Get Out was garbage, so I’m skipping this film

Mathias Kanuck says:

Aww man. Watch out…. I remember when I didn’t think Get Out was that good, holy crap…. I asked what other people thought on reddit back when it first came out, I even stated 5 different reasons why I didn’t think it was THAT good, its 3/5 good….but in my opinon, not 5 stars good, and man you would think I told the whole Dreaditt community to go Fuck themselves, i even got called an Asshole!! For not liking a movie!!!

So watch out for the hate guys! Good review though, I felt the same exact same way, way too drug out…. And this movie could’ve easily been 80 minutes instead of 2 hours. And the Dad man, like please don’t tell me this is gonna be classified as horror.

Jay Shupp says:

Hated it. The acting was great, but the story was completely unbelievable, preachy and Peele tries so hard to input so much symbolism, that the story itself suffers. It’s also way too long.

Jerome Walker says:

You guys rated Space babes from out of space higher than Us.

Sphinx says:

Love the channel! Might have to pledge to the patreon lol! Seeing this tomorrow, can’t wait!

Chelsea Munroe says:

I didn’t even know this was our yet!

Jason Williams says:

Awesome review. This movie appeared to be pretty freaky but good to know its fairly light hearted and not what you would have expected. I’ll still probably catch it at some point.

ViewWorldCinema says:

WOW, a review that doesnt love the movie. That’s what I appreciate the most. People speaking their minds and not going along with what everybody else is saying. Great work guys! I am still excited to check it out 🙂

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