US (2019) Spoiler-Free Horror Movie Review

This week we’re giving the archive releases a rest and looking at Jordan Peele’s brand new horror film US, starring Lupita Nyong’o and Winston Duke. Is this a worthy follow-up to GET OUT or does Peele face the dreaded sophomore slump?

This week’s book recommendation is BABY TEETH by Zoje Stage. You can pick that up here:

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Noey Tindol says:


Amy C. says:

I use to like seeing movies at the theatre, but people have gotten so rude that it’s hard to enjoy the experience anymore.

Matdacat19 says:

I honestly prefer a crowded theatre to watch movies with but for some reason, most people prefer a theatre to themselves which I don’t get.

TheRaokenx says:

Theatre, late show—medium popcorn no butter, large drink and sour patch kids

KiLLeTTeDoLL 36 says:

Watched it. This movie so so shitty. Unlike get out

wingsofporcelain13 says:

I used to think I liked seeing movies at home first. But my partner loves seeing movies in the theater first and I think I prefer that now

NX Shrapnel says:

For a horror or comedy movie? Home. Action? Theater.

Tricia Young says:

Heard that there’s a major plot hole regarding the core plot line about the clones. Without spoilers, can you share if you left the movie feeling confused about that plot line & if the movie covered enough to explain the clone situation fully.

Poetic Nation says:

Amazing review and dialogue. I love how you broke down, and explained things about the film that intrigued you, without giving away any spoilers – Much appreciated.

AshtheViking says:

I love an empty theatre. One of my biggest movie mistakes was seeing The VVitch on a Friday night when it was newly released. The atmosphere was completely ruined by all the noise people were making.
Just finished Baby Teeth this week. I really enjoyed it but yeah the second half could have been better.

Susan Burgess says:

Theatre for sure. Cant wait to see us!!!


It’s funny how the son is wearing a mask on his head and his name is Jason

E C says:

I love going to the theatre and having a full house for a horror film (as long as everyone is there to enjoy it). You cant beat the atmosphere!

XLGFireX says:

Theatre with friends. Just booked a ticket for Us tomorrow! Can’t wait for another Jordan Peele’s masterpiece


Theatre. Not a lot of people.

Michael Booker says:

I’ve heard so much about Baby Teeth but when I was going to buy it I chose The Chalk Man instead. I’m going to have to pick up Baby Teeth sometime this year.

Diane S says:

Depends on the movie, if it’s a horror or action movie I want to see it in a crowded theater where people are respectful and stay off their GD phones and if it’s a comedy or drama I’d rather watch at home curled up on the sofa with a big bowl of hot buttered popcorn and beer. LOL….

Monte Marino says:

Have the theater all to myself or with a friend! This is sad to say but I go to the theater several times a week and there is ALWAYS someone or a group of people that ruin it for everyone else but talking to each other at max volume or being a” repeater”.. You know.. that person that repeats 90 percent of the film’s lines out loud just in case we didn’t hear them lol. I’m stoked for this movie!!

Nick Cato says:

In a theater.

Love your reviews Adam! Hoping to see this Sunday night.

LauraLynne says:

Got to go with theatre, with the reclining seats, preferably without any stranger sitting next to me. I loved Baby Teeth btw!

brittany B says:

I’m terrified of the movie theaters 🙁 I used to go all the time but the way the world is I can’t sit there and enjoy it without being anxious. SO LONG STORY SHORT LOL I’d prefer to watch movies at home!

Susan Burgess says:

Is it scarier than hereditary guys?

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