‘Us’ Movie Review: A Disappointing Thriller

‘Us,’ Jordan Peele’s follow-up to his Oscar-winning “Get Out,” makes some great homages to horror, but it lacks the substance to land on par with his breakout feature.




Helder De Almeida says:

The best way to lose subscribers and close your account on YouTube just do what Variety does best.

Michael Creer says:

Totally agree with this reviewer, but I think I liked the film even less. Granted I love Jordan Peele and Get Out, but it has been strange and disheartening to see almost no real negative criticism of this movie. And when it does happen like this here, everyone is just shutting it down or delegitimizing it. Glad to see an honest critique

thebiggerpicture says:

thought both movies sucked

Garmonster2010 says:

This review is trash

Lezah Brown says:

wow deactivate the whole account

Anthony Campos says:

So much for your opinion. The movie killed at the box office. SUCK IT BIATCH!!!!!

T says:

I really didn’t like it It was not even a Horror film. Get Out was better.
That movie got me hyped up to watch it..wasted my money and my time. Thanks Jordan!

Needs to be on a movie channel, Netflix or something..Not in a movie theatre.
I rather see Fear again with Mark Wahlberg’s..People trapped in a house and banging on the doors. Now that movie was good.

Eduardo Gomez says:

Movie sucked . Predictable . Get out was way better

R.C. Whitehead says:

Garbage. Not trending. Not news. Especially when Rachel Maddow is on suicidewatch.

Tyler Jones says:

Hey I love Jordon Peele, I love Get Out, I love Us, but can everyone stop comparing it to Get out?!?!?

amy karr says:

I agree. This movie was shittier than get out

Barrack Obama says:

It was trash. Let’s be real. So was Get Out.

leftyla says:

My god… ditto on the red jump suits. Exactly the question that popped in my head. And where did they all get the gold scissors? Who paid for all that? Questions questions questions.

Chloe Dang says:

White peoples cant relate

Jeffrey Sanchez says:

Lmao these people are morons this movie was anything but disappointing

Lance Lance says:

Where did he get the impression that the house was rented…tf…
The Black family definitely owned it and were affluent.

valentin san juan says:


Ash Jimenez says:

He even sound like he does not know what hes talking about like hes guessing

Ryan Owens says:


G123 says:

All asswipe Democrats say that unless you give this movie a A++++ you are a racist!!!!!!!!!

Fintan says:

They obviously did this to get clicks, and we fell for it.

I AM MA77 says:

They obviously didn’t get any of the symbolism or references. It seems like they’re only looking at the basic story of a family versus the tethered and not everything else that’s in the movie

Mel Pinckney says:

U know what’s funny how come movies that make the most money get bad reviews but the movie nobody go see gets great reviews

Ch3ff J says:

Something pretentious is they’re ability to not be analytical about the duality of facing and or conquering one’s self

Terah T. says:

Yeah the second hour lost momentum. It was disappointing. I wanted so much more. I expected another superb movie like Get Out but sadly, it wasn’t.

airman15 says:

Well that happens when your director is a mini reverse racist ass spike Lee jr and we all wonder why key is doing better than Peele and looks happier too. Moral of story don’t be a racist or reverse racist and your life will be much easier with less stress

marcbronze1 says:

if stephen king made his mark in horror so can jordan peele.

leftyla says:

Hey peeps, the movie sucked. Glad IF you enjoyed it. Many people didn’t. Get over it.

Tyrell Coon says:

I never go by anything these critics say

James Conley says:

Lupita’s going to win another Oscar for sure but idk if Mr.Peele will this time around.

Chris says:

Look at all the sheep. A man gives his opinion (which he is entitled to) and gets slaughtered in the comments. The movie honesty wasn’t that great. The directing, the acting, etc was good. The momentum of the movie lagged at parts, and didn’t keep me engaged. The last 30 minutes were dreadful. If you do not agree with someone else’s opinion – you do not have to bash them. You enjoyed it – great. I didn’t. Life goes on.

Yo Mama says:

Uh, I watched it on Saturday. Boring.

Zac Lodro says:

NO, don’t be a stupid ass sheep and say, ” this was fire” you people look so stupid. It was ok, but too many plot holes, definitely not fire…

Alec Scheller says:

Sophomore slump. It was decent but very predictable. Also somewhat spoiled in the trailers. Good film but compared to a great film like get out it’s a bit disappointing.

none ya says:

Haha “WE WAZ KANGZ ” yall mad ?

Brian says:

I agree the movie started off great and fell apart with the disappointing twist that their all government clones.
Such a stupid twist with no explanation with a lot of unleft answers.

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