Us – Movie Review (Jordan Peele horror movie)


Angie Scott says:

I cant wait to see this!!!! Great review, thanks

John Tziannis says:

I was glad to hear that “Pet cemetery” doesn’t suck. I am a fan of the original.

Entertainment Hacker says:

Great review, James! I’ll prolly skip this one. Since I only see like 3 movies a year I skip most lol! But I still enjoy reviews!

Tamika Jackson says:

Yes!!!! The soundtrack is the best I am actually going to buy it, not download but actually buy a hard copy.

nathan Schroeder says:

Ohhh now I’m even more excited by this. I love horror but you have to watch 20 shit ones to find a good one. I wasn’t as keen on “Mandy” as you were but I think it’s not film for everyone.

Drd20 says:

I did not like US, I felt it was very unrefined, pretty much made no sense if you think about it (national guard would be dispatched in 2 seconds for example) and the whole structure is not believable to be “there”. I also did not find it that good. Yes it was well acted and fun at times but the plot didn’t do a whole lot or make me think a whole lot more other than the main theme revealed much later. I enjoyed Get Out but this felt like a good premise wasted. The whole premise is interesting especially with “DNA testing” places and fears in the distant future but none of this made sense. I give it 2/5. Still, I love Mad TV.

CypressJDX says:

You’re approaching 1,000 subscribers! I’ve been subbed since around 150-250 and I plan to be subbed until you lose your way or stop uploading. I hope you hit 1,000,000 one day, then I can say I was here from the start… not that you’ll remember me then.

CypressJDX says:

I still can’t believe Jordan Peele was doing comedy scetches on Comedy Central for so long and is now a master horror filmmaker. It all feels like a dream I never knew I wanted to be a reality.

Faatimah Anaksunamunn Anatolia says:

You have a lot of high energy. That does not effect the way they handled business in their first horror film. Thanks for the heads up. Very good reviewer.

Live, With DannyBoy says:

Didn’t understand the bunnies in cages either.

alexandra xx says:

I’m so excited about this! Thanks for the review Craig.

Tamika Jackson says:

I wonder if anyone else thinks that the underground was the 1st attempt of body snatching from the movie Get Out?

Jan Le says:

I saw it last night and I need a pre-quel! What was life like living underground! Who was in charge of that facility and what happened?! Did they just abandon the project when they found (SPOILER) a girl from above handcuffed to the bed? Did she have to pretend that she couldn’t talk? I left NEEDING more. Sequel title… US-2 :Still Down with the Underground or US-2: They Killed the Wabbit? I thought the son picked up some “awareness of the doppelgangers’ behavior” because is real mom was the doppelganger and that’s why he was comfortable mirroring his double’s hand movements in the closet , and he knew his double would mirror his actions and walk backwards into the fire. Great twist with the hero being the anti-hero, but you could feel for both Red and Adelaide. Great suspense. I will see it again.

John Ferrara says:

Sounds like a really good flick with an interesting plot. Anxious to see. Thanks

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