Velvet Buzzsaw (2019) Netflix Horror Movie Review / Rant

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velvet buzzsaw rant movie review analysis velvet buzzsaw trailer


hmmm mnm says:

Your videos are so high quality keep it up !

As for the movie i enjoyed all the performances esp toni she was amazing as usual but the movie itself (plot characters ect) was very disappointing

PS kinda random but what was the music that was playing throughout the video ?

Danny C says:

I totally agree with you! It was so plain… I gave it a 6/10 tho, just because I was entertained…

Bloodbath and Beyond says:

I completely agree with everything you said. I still think this is one of those movies we’ll see on a ton of “Best of” lists at the end of the year, simply because of the gloss.

totallu says:

I enjoyed it as a satire with horror elements, when I realised it wasn’t going to be a particularly scary or strictly horror movie I modified my expectations and walked away happy that I saw it

itwaslikethatwhenigothere says:

I was going to watch it tonight on Netflix, but I think I’ll give it a pass.

Dave Barnes says:

well if Gromit hates it, i guess it is time to remove it from my watch list on Netflix

Captain Calamity says:

oh no =( gutted to hear this. was looking forward to it.

TGApuleius says:

Watching this was like seeing a very long clip of someone continually slipping on ice, and even though you hope they end up grabbing something and righting themselves, coming through with an amazing save, they just end up busting their ass.

VivaVideo User says:

If a trailer shows all the good things, what is the point?

docthemetalfreak says:

I saw the trailer then thought it looks pretty good. it looks like a pretty original movie. soundz like a typical borefest that makes it look good on paper….in which afterward they smoked it.

InfinityGh0st says:

Ughhhhhhh…….I wish Netflix would concentrate on quality over quantity. This is such a bummer. Thanks for the review Emma!

jhbrid2 says:

That thumbnail was my entire mood throughout that 2 hour disaster

Solomon Dow says:

I expected this to be on par with Nightcrawler & am still bummed that it wasn’t. The 2nd half of the film would have made a great Twilight Zone/Black Mirror episode.

R Du says:

I fell asleep during this film. Only worth it to see Gyllenhaal naked for 5 seconds

Ryan's Channel says:

Great video, Emma. Yesterday was my birthday.

David Ortega says:

Didint even make it to the 15 min mark and i was bored to death i didnt care about the characters that were being intruduced to me so i stopped and watched What Keeps You Alive instead..

Bloody Fishheads says:

Was going to watch this. Thanks for saving me the disappointment. 🙂 Think I’ll skip it now.

PumpkinsnBlackcats says:

I expected way more. There was SO MUCH potential there. I liked how quirky and odd the vibe was but other than that it was lacking for sure. The best thing was Jake’s character but Jake could do the worst job possible and still make a some what interesting character. I was so excited for this movie and then it was just blah.

DJ Thanos says:

I agree completely. I gave it a 3.

Blah Blah says:

I dont have netflix … I refuse to pay for it .

inkmeal says:

Such a great concept and so much wasted potential. Jake’s character could have been great.. but wasn’t. The terror could have been amazing… but wasn’t. It should have been a series with each episode as a painting that depicted a part of the artist’s tormented life, coming to life and dragging a character into the artist’s personal hell. The reveal should have been the truth about the artist’s life and how the power of the paintings came to be… not… killer paintings. Funny thing that this (my number 1 most anticipated movie) sucked, but Polar (a not so anticipated action movie) was actually amazing.

Jess C says:

I’m with you 200% here, it was SUCH a letdown 🙁

Tythemagicguy06 says:

It was just really weird. Hard to describe. No tension or spook.

Mikaela Romano says:

i 100% agree with you!! I was so excited because the concept sounded super cool. but the payoff was just dull and boring.

Ashley U says:

That opening was just magical! Ha love it

Kevin DeLisle says:

Yes, I agee. When I read the group of actors that were going to be in this movie together I thought it had to be epic but wow! What a disappointment!

Brent Ryan says:

Every kill was in the trailer! Smh. I still liked Jake though.

Erik NikkiSoft says:

Nice to hear your thoughts on this. This movie was horrible and very annoying. I’m a big fan of those actors too. Nice lighting and production to your video. Maybe figure out a way to eliminate the room reflections/echo?. Looks great though. Btw, have you been watching the Into the Dark series? If not, i recommend it. That latest episode “Down” was really good..

theONLYsunwolf says:

Well, I guess I won’t watch that one. I was going to try to fit it in soon, but now I think maybe I’ll watch ‘Polar’ instead. Thanks Em. I hate wasting time with bad films. Cheers.

DonJohn80 says:

As much as I love them both they could have cut Toni Collette and John Malkovich from this movie and it would have lost nothing but padding. It really feels like they were added purely to bring the movie closer to two hours (which seems to be the run-time movies go for now for some reason).

Teon Quant says:

All that potential in this movie……wasted…..I want to rant and cry too…..

Josh says:

Even John Malkovich’s character got tired of being in the movie. What was his character even supposed to be?

Avxx00 says:

It’s like you hijacked my thoughts and made a video, i should probably sue you.

M four Movies says:

Preach It! I did not watch the trailer prior to my watch of VB, and I was hugely disappointed. Besides a couple death scenes, it didn’t really have much story wise. A few times I wanted to shut off the movie because it was so boring. Just a bad movie. D+

Carter Presley says:

I wanted to like this movie but instead it was garbage.

Ryan Frieman says:

Boring, waste of 2 hours

Random Horror says:

This is the third review i seen now and not all are impressed by this but I’ll probably watch this give my own feedback on it but from this review I won’t hold my breath for anything too interesting to happen.

Tyler Jackson says:

I haven’t seen it yet! Guess now I shouldn’t bother haha

Joshua Riser says:

Yeah. You nailed it. Feel free to speak for me; I’m completely bummed. I don’t even feel like I lost a couple hours because all just one blur of disappointment.

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