VERONICA (2017) Netflix horror movie review!


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endorphinz says:

Hold up…are there two movies titled “Veronica”? Because that might explain why Jughead was in the movie I watched :-/

Daniel Fisher says:

Have u seen Deliver us from Evil again it is a possession type movie but has a police procedure element to it that makes it a bit different it is on Netflix here in UK don’t know if u can get it in Australia but if u can might be worth a look

Alex's Horror says:

Hey Emma!

Yeah, I watch this one over the weekend & tbh I didn’t really get the scare factor….. I thought it was alittle predictable at times… which was a shame because I really like the simple elements that it had but yeah wasn’t really feeling it…


See ya!!

Selma Svast says:

Please do review on ” The Last Shift”

Hood Famouze says:

awesome gnna check it out.. also check out. Les afames great it’s a great film

Bloody Fishheads says:

“The Exorcist 3” pleeaase!!! One of the best horrors ever made.
Also “Savageland” I can’t recommend those enough.

R5d4d2 says:

I thought it was quite good. 7/10. The child actors were excellent.

Samuel Trejo says:

I saw this was from one of the directors of REC and was interested but maybe not so much now.

Christopher Carrigg says:

Is it on netflix US?

The Late Late Horror Show says:

This sounds really good…..but the cgi is something they really don’t need all the time…

HellKnight20 says:

I’ve scrolled past this many times on Netflix, guess it’s worth a watch now

Luke Narlee says:

Great review Emma. I saw this one recently and I’m on the same page as you, I also give it a 5/10. I thought the acting was great and it had some good creepy atmosphere, but overall it was pretty average. I also agree with you that “Emily Rose” is one of the creepiest movies ever and very underrated.

Rishi Singh says:

No Emma
…its like ouja
Its not shit

Jah Punk says:

I first became aware of spookyastronauts from the International horror film reviews i find lacking in public discourse. I hesitate to use “foreign” since it implies the USA/Hollywood is the norm. Unfortunately many markets act like they are headlocked into appeasing to the tastes of peopled weened on hollywood’s shopping mall products.
I have grown to appreciate how horror reflects not only the waking anxieties but subconscious nightmares. The window into far away cultures is one of the few things i find salvageable about modern technology…and i live in california..spitting distance from silicon valley & s.f.
Its valuable that these films made outside hollywood is given consideration.

Kerry Bradford says:

Its scary but not “Exorcism of Emily Rose” scary

Eman Egnarts says:

So basically what filmmakers have to do is hire real demons so audience can be fully satisfied by the movie. CGI demons are not welcome.

Kevin Young says:

Its meh. If you want a good spanish film watch the invisible guest, kidnapped, ares or white coffin. they are all great and get no love.

Zachary Haith says:

Meh. Been there, done that. Tired of overhyped movies on Netflix. It’s basically direct to video.

david odell says:

I can see why everyone turns it off, I’m freaking dieing of boredom

Omar Hudson says:

Hey loved your review…I agree with most of it. Veronica, I did find it very cliche’ in parts. I was wondering have you watched horror themed tv shows “The Exorcist ” and “channel Zero” I think they are exceptionally done (considering they are produced for tv) maybe you would consider reviewing those if you havent seen them. Keep up the good work!

Frazer MacDonald says:

I thought this film was pretty decent. Most definitely nothing new, but it’s effective. It’ll be a big hit for people who only watch a couple of horrors each year

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