VERONICA (2018) Netflix Horror Movie review – This is a must see movie!!

Veronica is a recent horror movie addition on Netflix and trust me if you haven’t seen this flick yet do yourself a favor and stop what you’re doing right now and go watch this friggen movie, it’s that good!! Thank me later……..H
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Maui Gold says:

volume a little low

Lost Galaxy Toys says:

Just finished watching. It’s not scary.

Loana Basquill says:

OMG you have a ticket to the Metropol on the desk!!!! 8D 8D

Angel Hernandez says:

Is it in spanish?

ABSURDUMtube Ultraviolent Designs 707 says:

I just started doing reviews vlog whatever gimick on my channel straight to the point like 60-90seconds. Buds & movies by like a dude that is just a dude

zx3215 says:

want to watch it alone at night and see if i get scared)) No, really want to try)

julabard says:

Unscary junk! Only + is that they don’t rely on jump-scares

Mysticka72 says:

We called them things an indicator. This is the second good review for this movie. I must check it out.

yaznool says:

I’ll give this a try. Cheers guys 🙂

PowerMadHeadBanger says:

If it is directed by Paco Plaza I know it’s good.

Ghoul World Order says:

I have no problem at all using a Ouija Board. Of course you obviously saw me and Boris use one on two episode. Quite deranged fuckers we called up too! ~Buzz Killer

Jonny marvel17 says:

it is crap and not scary at all and seriously how is it the scariest movie ever its not saw and Friday the 13 are scary

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