Victor Crowley (2017) – Blood Splattered Vlog (Horror Movie Review)

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This week The Horror Guru and Count Jackula review VICTOR CROWLEY, aka HATCHET 4!

VICTOR CROWLEY (2017) was written/directed by Adam Green, produced by Will Barrat, Sarah Elbert, Cory Neal, Amanda Isaacson, Ben Rock & Adam Green and stars Perry Shen, Kane Hodder, Laura Ortiz, Dave Sheridan, Krystal Jay Brown, Felissa Rose, Brian Quinn, Chase Williamson, Katie Booth, Tiffany Shepis, Jonah Ray, Kelly Vrooman & Tyler Mane.

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charlotte dennis says:

Sleep away camp another great movie .

Anyname A Reenactment Group says:

i reccmend a film recently released and swedens own and first original superhero, ” RENDEL ” I just bought it last night. – jake cosplays

trc2rockon says:

You know, I’m kinda surprised you didn’t mention that Q from Impractical Jokers is in this as Tiffany Shepis’ boyfriend. But yea, I love what he does in this movie. And I have a new name for him because of this, which I don’t want to say because it’s kind of a spoiler.

Nate Guerra says:

Got my Blu-Ray coming in tomorrow. Giddy as fuck!!

Joshua Hebert says:

They should take Victor Crowley either to space or the city of New Orleans. He could be chasing ppl around Bourbon St or inside the Mercedes Benz Superdome.

charlotte dennis says:

Your not awful you just tell it as it is, i like that in a person.


I honestly thought this was the worst of all of them, the jokes fell flat and they pushed the b movie trope too far it was unoriginal almost gorless compared to the others and just down right boring to be honest.

charlotte dennis says:

thanks for the link up top need to see this, saw the other two
awesomely great movie in the horror slasher franchise .
cant wait to watch.

Brent Lonkey says:

it isn’t nearly as good as the other three. as a pretty big fan of this franchise, this was pretty disappointing. one major fault was the considerable lower budget this one had. it feels cheap, not to mention the kill scenes seemed to be where the lack of budget hurt them the most. you’d think calling the film victor Crowley this would be a kind of prequel, telling the story of how he came to be. yet what we get is just more of the same, but like I said, with a tighter budget. but the humor was still there and at least they tried. maybe this will finally make them release a boxset of all the films on bluray.

Jason Krueger says:

I heard bad things about this but decided to give it a watch since I really liked the first two and thought the third was tolerable. I’m glad I did, because this one is right up there as the most enjoyable. I was dreading the whole thing taking place on or around the crashed plane, but it didn’t, and the stuff that happened there was great. I liked the humor, and the effects weren’t distracting even when they were noticeably off. Bear McCreary brought a very solid soundtrack. The mid-credits scene got me hyped as fuck with Danielle Harris.

The director said if there is a Hatchet 5, it’ll definitely take place outside of the swamp, but there hasn’t been any confirmation yet if it’ll get made (but let’s face it, it’ll happen one way or another). Sounds like it’ll be good.

THE SKEPTIC Johnny White says:

I love all the hatchet franchise!!!! I just subbed I like this content

daikatana65 says:

These dudes are getting paid by adam green to get us suckers to buy this trash. it’s 11.99 for Blu ray at best buy look at those links they put.

Hillel Genesove says:

The DVD/Bluray has a great behind the scenes video that’s 68 minutes long. It ends with Adam talking to the audience as he announces for the first time that he made a 4th Hatchet film and they’re about to watch it. Their reaction is priceless.

Zachary Haith says:

Adam wants to take him out of the swamp.

charlotte dennis says:

Cain hodder rocks totally !


Hatchet 5 : Crowley Vs Predator

Stro_benz says:

I found its humor cringy and childishly ridiculous. Didn’t laugh even once. The practical effects are lame, I’ve seen 70s horrors with much better gore lmao! And Victor Crowley’s makeup looks like a cheap mask… Man, I didn’t enjoy this movie at all

johnnysasaki says:

Parry Shen voiced Takeda in Mortal Kombat X,the guy loves being in gore fests,huh?

trc2rockon says:

Also, worth mentioning: I went to a screening of this in New Orleans (which had Adam, Kane, and Q in attendance), and Adam mentioned something interesting during the Q&A panel. You know how in the prologue (SPOILER ALERT) it has that woman getting all excited that this guy just proposed to her, only for her to get dismembered by Victor, and the closeup of her ring finger going off last or whatever? Well that, along with what happens to Tiffany Shepis’ character, is something Adam said was a coping mechanism for him for his wife leaving him. He said that because of that, and the point he is in his life now, he probably just lost the chance to be a father, raise kids and such, so that was kind of his way of dealing with that.

almightycinder says:

Other horror people I’d like to see Victor kill in Hatchet sequels: Brad Douriff, Kevin Gage, Doug Bradley, Nick Principe, Ken Kirzinger, Michael Barryman, Ian Whyte, and Jeffrey Combs. He’s already killed Freddy, Michael Myers, another Jason, Leatherface, Candyman… we need more. He needs to kill every horror icon immaginable.

enilda rivera says:

Okay but I screamed when Dillon jumped into the engine with Victor Crowley. 🙁

Reviews From The Beyond says:

Dark lighting in this one.

A B says:

I loved the film; it was cheesy, immature and fun to see the mayhem unfold onscreen. It wasn’t as intense as the first three but that’s okay; it was a film for the fans and I think Adam green and friends did a lovely job.

TheHitherto says:

My biggest problem with this was that they never felt the need to go beyond OTT dark comedy. Marybeth’s character from the original triology forced the movies toward some sort of seriousness as she was a bitter young woman avenging her family. In this one we only have Parry Shen who proved to be useless as a hero, as one would expect. I know that was the point, but still…

In spite of this I found it greatly enjoyable though. Hopefully they’ll make “Crowley takes New Orleans”.

prufrock1977 says:

This movie was really gross! So much fun to watch, too. There were a few points in the writing that I was disappointed on–like the director meeting her idol.

Michal Sokol says:

Funniest of all hatchet films Love it

Mynameismud says:

Sucks that so many people on hating on it. You guys really spelled it out perfectly: it’s just a fun campy slasher and above all a FAN MOVIE. Adam Green is easily my favorite all time director based on all his work on films, Ariescope shorts, Adam Green’s Scary Sleepover, The Movie Crypt, etc. He’s just a huge slasher fan and it shows with this franchise. I also think he’s the perfect candidate for really reviving the Friday The 13th franchise.

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