Winchester (2018) – Blood Splattered Vlog (Horror Movie Review)

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This week The Horror Guru & Count Jackula review WINCHESTER in front of the real WINCHESTER MYSTERY HOUSE!

WINCHESTER (2018) was written by Tom Vaughan & The Splerig Brothers, directed by The Splerig Brothers and stars Helen Mirren, Jason Clarke, Sarah Snook, Angus Sampson & Finn Scicluna-O’Prey.

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San Qiang Li says:

Who’s holding the camera, guys?

Jon Stewart says:

The movie was not even that scary. It was jump scares. The movie has a dumb gun control message behind it and a terrible climax

Final D says:

lookin sexy boi’s

mothangel says:

Seeing you guys out in “the wild” is kinda weird… but mostly just awesome 😉 *hugs*

Gavriel Moya says:

This is the first even semi positive review that I’ve seen for this movie

Jacob Martin says:


petitwallaby says:

Jack’s hair really glows in natural light! LOL!

charlotte dennis says:

Hey guys thanks for explaining why she built the house like she did
pretty cool sounds very paranormal.

Wrightgrlgnebd says:

Near the mystery house. So many liberties taken with too many jump scares. Love the review!

Pommy Forlife says:

I love the irony in Jackula wearing a supernatural shirt to see Winchester

Red Admiral V says:

You guys living nearby the Winchester House is making me like, SUPER JELLY RIGHT NOW?!?!

Because I’ve been fascinated by it for such a looooooong time and I’m just like HOLY SHIT A WINCHESTER REVIEW IN FRONT OF THE WINCHESTER HOUSE YES??? PLEASE???

You guys fucking rocks!!!!

Redcat says:

how is it warm over there?! It’s super cold here in Europe. Movie sounds interesting. I’ll check it out.

Analise Nichole says:

Count’s hair looks amazing!!

Jackie McCann says:

Great review, guys! It’s cool that you were able to vlog AT the actual house!
Also, LOVING that Supernatural shirt, Jackula!

John O ́neil says:

I love Jack´s shirt.

fogdragon23 says:

So cool! I’ve always wanted to visit the house. ^^

Neon Wave says:

I forgot about this movie. It caught my interest because I remember hearing about it in multiple shows. The house itself is very interesting, and has this atmosphere that you don’t even have to be in it to feel uncomfortable.

TheSlayFer Ch. T. says:

Great review and awesome location but this movie bored me to tears sadly.

Daniel Giles says:

Just got home and clicke’d on this sexy cuddly shit. Yes. PREPARE FOR THE CUDDLY COCKLE JIBBLETS!

Showtime_Kick123 says:

Name a better duo on YouTube…. I’ll wait…. forever

Jami JoAnne Russell says:

Dude! I’m so jealous! I haven’t been to the Winchester Mystery House since I was 16. Sad that the movie is PG-13. I’m in the mood for a good R-rated horror movie with loads of ghosts.

I’ve never heard of the house as a refuge. I always heard she thought the ghosts of those who died because of the rifle were after her and killed her husband and daughter and she kept building it to confuse the ghosts so they couldn’t get her too. That’s why there’s stairs that lead to nowhere, secret rooms, etc. I remember on the tour they said she did believe the ghosts sent the earthquake because they were unhappy with a room she was building at the time, so she stopped all work on it so they wouldn’t send another earthquake.

Supposedly on my dad’s side I’m related to Sarah Winchester. And on mom’s I’ve got a great uncle who was a grave robber that had a gold teeth fetish.

ZadnoleyaEdits says:

I hope if you guys go to cons some will be in la bc San Jose is so farrrrrrrrr

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