Wish Upon – The Worst Horror Movies

A movie about a teenage girl wishing for mediocre things and then suffering some awful consequences for it.

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Movie is Wish Upon

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AzureFayt says:

the TITS on that blonde in the beginning damn!

Plori says:

8:29 Just drop kick the bitch

against1virus says:

Cover sleepwalkers next

Random Fanboy says:

#DumpsterDaddy so this is depression*

Malak Bigs says:


Dave says:


TheMadHatter30 says:

#Dumpster Daddy

Wtf can i even write to relate to this

demonyes chaos theory says:

The best part is the finally of this story

goddrag says:

Just wish for fucking omnipotency already.

Dan Silent Playthroughs says:

This game has so many similarities with the Room, it’s uncanny. xP

fast woah says:

please link me to that video with the two kids in the hallway

Mr Bobertson says:

It looks like they straight up stole that garbage disposal scene from one of the, “Final Destination” movies.

Brodey Mayo says:

at 8:47 he should make a 10 hours

Roy Thompson says:

Wait you watch movies? I thought that you only sat in your room scratching dark souls puns on the walls.

zsxdfd dsgfsgsdrgdr says:

love the ATB track put in there. mmm

against1virus says:

I wish this world was more interesting

Braden T says:

Subscribed just for the Gorillaz intro

CameraBox says:


Alan Weebus says:

26:08 tbh i would actually wish for that with no hesitation

Lazy__Gamer_8 says:

Please do more of these i love them

zak kozak says:

I feel like in the elevator scene she would be a fucking pulp, not intact whatsoever.

JEM says:

How fast, in a school zone, were the bullies driving to send a human body flying like 15 feet into another car. Also transferring enough energy to spread cracks throughout the windshield.

ThatGuyChoro says:


Yeet Dade says:

#Dumpster Daddy

Brandonfgx says:

Hashtag I don’t use hashtags
Dumpster daddy

Just Satan says:


HashSlinginSlasher94 says:

26:09 honestly that wish would be a good horror movie. you know your waifu will only suffer in our 3rd dimensional hell knowing shes to good for this world…. but you know you would still do it.

caitlyn stephen says:

#DumpsterDaddy you bowl of bitch sauce

tonyH says:


Mr Rooibos TV says:

The slap sequence was so funny

RxDoc says:

Nobody gonna say he had gorrilz in the vid.



Peter Weikert says:

04:30 was that datto

Doge The Doge says:


Dolan says:

you can only go 15mph in a school zone so that would mean the bullies were breaking the law, or that they were going 15mph and Claire is just a pussy

Yavor Kyossev says:

I wish that this movie was never filmed

Lady_ OreoXD says:

Seeing an old man slipping on a bath tub is the funniest thing I’ve ever seen. I don’t care I’m a horrible person. It’s fucking hilarious.

Minky23 says:


Grunkle Stan Lee says:

#DumpsterDaddy #traitorface

Camila B says:

And it says be careful what you wish for, but her wishes where like the stupidest things ever ._.

tyler chow says:

whats the lo-fi music used on 12:24???

Ian Poytress says:

When the baggy old cunt died in the bathtub you can see the tap break in one shot and then be fixed in the next. CONSISTENCY CHILDREN!!

demonyes chaos theory says:

PG13 final destanition .
Man i am getting old

TheRagingLlama says:

“Now let’s hurry this up, I need to get back to the old folks home before they serve beans!”

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