Wrong Turn (2003) – Horror Movie Review

Bloodbath and Beyond reviews the movie Wrong Turn directed by Rob Schmidt and starring Eliza Dushku, Jeremy Sisto, and Emmanuelle Chriqui.
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Six people find themselves trapped in the woods of West Virginia, hunted down by “cannibalistic mountain men grossly disfigured through generations of in-breeding.”


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crabo says:

can you review wrong turn

loveme white says:

Hilarious movie Loved it.

Poop Frogg says:

Love this franchise…I requested it so thanks lads!

Fitzie McDonalds says:

Please review wrong turn in the future

Kenneth Desmond Mosley says:

I appreciate WRONG TURN. I can’t watch it. For some reason it really creeps me out.

Des Ulv says:

*Midriff* not *Mid drift* I don’t know why it bothers me.

Sunny Kumarr says:

My all time favorite Horror movie… please rank the whole franchise.. make a longer video

Alex Major says:

so this is really random, but your name is ‘Jay Bond’. please tell me that Jay is short for James..

Heather McNabb says:

Have you guys reviewed black sheep? it’s a New Zealand horror comedy give it a go

Septien Patterson says:

What happened to the sequels? Rubbing my fingers together

Tevin Hypolite says:

Stan Winston created the Makeup effects on the first one. Sadly he passed away.


Aren’t they cannibals?


It is an excellent movie I even like the sequels

Matthew Mertens says:

Will you guys ever review The Descent? I just discovered your channel and was shocked to find out you Haven’t reviewed it

vinnie harris says:

I’ve always liked this movie. Very tense horror.

ѕнadow тнe warlocĸ says:

I remember watching this when I was 10 and is still one of my favorite movies I remember watching it so vividly

Dharmendra Singh says:

Wrong turn all part Hindi dubbed?

Isaiah Plummer says:

I love this series!

Tevin Hypolite says:

Hostel next

I Was a Teenage TeenWolf says:

It’s hilarious knowing that Jeremy Sisto went on to play Cyrus Lupo in Law and Order.

I guess getting shot by mutant hillbillies made him change his career goals later in life….

Jeremi Paradis says:

Check out “Revenge” if you haven’t.

bigcjmm14 says:

i need to re watch this movie

Bruno Rodriguez says:

I love this movie

Daniel Foerster says:

they kinda remind me of the skinner brothers from RDR2

Janis70 says:


Dharmendra Singh says:

Hindi ma h all parts

boosted says:

The best wrong turn film & in my mind, the only one was the first one. You guys are right, after the first one it was like everyone just got lazy & put zero effort into the way the hillbilly cannibals looked, in the 4th or 5th one I think they just used a mask on one of them smh terrible. Imo the deaths in the first film were also the best. As the series went on, the kill scenes just became too fake & over the top, idkk, it was gory yeah but definitely less scary. What makes something so terrifying isn’t what you see but what you don’t see, look at Halloween 1978 (the best horror film imo), there was zero blood, & you barely saw anything but it was terrifying. After you watched it you thought you saw blood even though there wasn’t any in any death scene. I think wrong turn did a great job with all the death scenes, not over the top at all but just enough. I also loved how they jumped right into everything. I hate how in some horror films it feels like you’re waiting forever for them to get into the intense & scary parts of the movie. they open with a good kill scene then not even 10 mins in the hillbillies show up & shit pops off lol wrong turn is still one of my favorite films not just in horror but in general. The casting was perfect. No one else in the world could’ve played Jessie except Eliza Dushku! Great review !

brewcrew says:

great review this film kicked butt i always wondered one thing though with all those missing people wouldnt there have been a search mission formed and maybe helicopter patrol that would have seen all those vehicles out in the open

MuscleSpasms says:

Circus Kane would be a good thing for you guys to review

William Brown says:

Kevin zeggers is sooo hot.wish he would of lasted longer in the movie.

spindalis79 says:

Loved this movie ever since I first saw it in 2004. Not shot in West Virginia btw. “Wrong Turn” was filmed in Canada.

Bars4ever Yt says:

And is 7th one coming out

ColonielLizardT4 says:

This and part 2 are the only good ones in the franchise, the rest sucked-ass.

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