Joe and Bert review M. Night Shyamalan and horror movies

Joe Rogan Experience
Episode #1024
Joe Rogan and Bert Kreischer talk about movies, horror in particular and react to Clown trailer.


Darien Jamal says:

Perfect line to end on

martinaee says:

“I put on clown makeup once and got mauled by a bull…”

*Video ends*

… Wait, what?

Captain Caveman says:

You haven’t seen Split? You’re missing out..

LupeJustinian says:

Didn’t Jon Watts direct Clown, not Eli Roth?

David Mcmenemy says:

Possibly the best end quote to a YouTube video, ever.

The softest part of a woman's breast is? says:

One day the story will be told *”A guy and l “* .

Kitty Koehn says:

Scared of clowns. What a bitch-beta male.

Baghuul says:

“this looks amazing” it looks like a B movie,
damn rogan you need to start smoking weed again being sober fucked you up!!!!

john adams says:

Berts thin

punished snake says:

blade runner was awesome! seen it twice

dy120481 says:

Rogan’s trippin’, Unbreakable is hands down Shyamalan’s best film and probably the best superhero flick ever made.

Jock Of Ages says:

Clown sucked,it basically doesn’t work if you aren’t scared of clowns, which I think Eli Roth knew, so he tries to scared you with sudden loud noises.

Scarce D says:

The new Charlie and the chocolate factory and beetle juice are directed by the same guy

Jacob Rodesh says:

Bert, i agree. any movie that some freaky goth girl would draw in her oversized notebooks, it’s just fuckng strange

Mark Freeman says:

Word up the new Alice in Wonderland was fantastic I ate a handful of shrooms and that movie visually set it off for me

Tripping Balls says:

Split was a real sleeper to me.

steele smith says:

The Village was amazing, admit it.

Machinelf says:

The fuck? is he comparing the Sixth Sense to Beetlejuice?

NoJaYorK says:

Lol . Friday the 13th. ELI ROTH.CLOWN. I’m in.found my horror movie 4 tonight!

Lily Abrams says:

Clown was fucking amazing movie

Shawn Black says:

Jesus that Clown movie looks amazing! Now I know what my wife and I are watching tonight!

sifat shams says:

Unbreakable > The Dark Knight

Cory Funk says:

Rogan was high af watching Alice in Wonderland.

freewilliam93 says:

joe rogan needs to watch subconscious cruelty, der todesking, the holy mountain in one day while high and then well have a new religion.

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