Aquaman Movie Review by Kids!


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Aquaman Movie Review by Kids!

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internetmaster1 says:

I want to go watch it again on IMAX too, I saw it on 3D on the first time. My favorite character was Ocean Master. Patrick Wilson gave everything he got.

Khitesh Chandra Mahanandia says:

Nice reaction but can u guys please react on india one of the most blockbuster movie called ” bahubali the beginning and bahubali the conclusion

Will Bryan says:

Great review guys. I really don’t personally care for the DC movies. But, you did an amazing job reviewing it.

FknSlytherin says:

Can you guys please react to
Motionless In White- Voices.
I actually love this band and I actually have a MIW tattoo as well.

Scott Vanhille says:

I saw Bumblebee. Go see it.

mattsui! says:

Nice Vid Guys! Please react to : Oasis Supersonic

Thomas Dunn says:

I plan on going to see this during the Christmas break! Cannot wait.

The Skit Kids says:

We should see it again! …I’ll ask Mom.

sipaul kumar says:

Hey sweet my sisters and brother how are you

SoCalFreelance says:

Was there an after credits scene?

d-three Reacts says:

Have you seen Aquaman? If so, what do you think? If not, are you planning on checking it out?

kiofu yasamura says:

Hi guys. The film is great, but what I liked the most was the fight in Sicily with those spectacular camera movements.

Khitesh Chandra Mahanandia says:

Please react on
“bahubali the beginning ”
“” bahubali the conclusion “”

Wellch says:

check out the classic musicial movie trailer of the 1970s. Man of La Mancha. you may like hearing some of the songs clips. You may have to understand the story to understand the plot.

Kamdev Tanti says:

This movie is amazing..I have watched it twice..

Super bendy productions says:

Godzilla king of the monsters trailer 2 plz

adi des says:

React to my name is Khan trailer

Felipe Boreli says:

The only review I saw/read about Aquaman. If you guys enjoyed the flick, the only thing that matters is: James Wan did it. This movie is for everybody.

Gerard Espiritu says:

Seriously who would hands down kids???

Andrew says:

can you guys PLEASEEEEEE react to Mariah Carey no AUTOTUNE singing live in 2018

internetmaster1 says:

I’ve seen it last sunday. And the coolest thing about it for me is how James Wan thought of every single detail of creating the world of atlantis and the atlanteans. Because for me what stood out was knowing that on the DCEU every atlantean in different. For example, Mera has hidrotelekinesis, Arthur and king Atlan can talk to fish, Vulko is a Trident specialist, Arthur fights better on the surface, Orm is a better fighter underwater, and Manta is a human with atlantean armour. So that’s the coolest thing about it, that they made every character unique.

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