Blu Reviews: Kids (1995) – Part 2

Took me longer than I thought, copyright things.


SuperEmory says:

Review gummo

The GB Animator says:

Review man of ashes

DustyOldMovies says:

I love it!!! You’re really informative and really funny!!! 

Jessie Fox says:

Ikr Was Larry Clark trying to make a realistic version of A Clockwork Orange? Because A Clockwork Orange takes place in 1995.

Bertina Salcedo Ramos says:

great review

LeAndra Dozier says:

You were insightful but I have several friends with HIV and it’s not a laughing game. It’s not killing people like it used to but the stigma is still there. PS Get tested. You never know…

Mister Gimmic says:

I fucking hate you haha

Carl Kriss says:

This is the worst review of kids I’ve ever heard. This is a great film and the fact you don’t get it tells me you shouldn’t commentate on cinema ever, which basically means you’re an idiot. People who over analyze things really hurt the cinematic experience for everyone else. Bottom line, this film works so you should respect it for what it is. Truth. And all this bull shit about this means that, come on really? It just is what it is, that’s what’s so beautiful about it.

wowokthx says:

that boy licked the blunt so much i wouldnt even hit it

LeAndra Dozier says:

The man sitting on the ground is probably a heroin addict nodding off.

182Moons says:

This was so hilarious I died at the get rekt part

Declan Wileman-Hopkins says:

whats the song at the end?

bdpchamp says:

Lost my shit at the “like em new, not like you” get rekt scene

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