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Cool Cat Saves the Kids – Homeless Movies presents an anti-bullying/kid’s gun safety PSA from the mind of notorious director Derek Savage. Released in 2015, it has become one of the most infamous bad movies of all time.

So I figured why not take a crack at it?!

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Miguel Ángel Vázquez Roque says:

your dog´s reaction when you go to puke xD

dipidity says:

I don’t know if I should thank you or hate you for introducing me to “Cool Cat” hahaha the horrifying realization @ 8:38

britishchick09 says:

The Pokemon part was awesome. 🙂

Pastor Rex Cat says:

Maybe Mama Cat is divorced and Cool Cat is adopted. Maybe.

Samuel The Red Inkling says:

You need more subs man

Eyaura Eya says:

I’m on a Cool Cat review watch binge. :/

Ninvento says:

I smell an underrated channel

Welp, guess its subscribing time

Cr8z Drgn says:


ComplicatedNickname says:

… subscribed.

MasterOf4Elements says:

You know I recently had a dream about a guy who bullied me in middle school. Instead of standing there and taking it like I did back then, I bashed his knees in with a baseball bat. It felt good.

Paste Eater says:

Ayy, petition to get Cool Cat a cooling vest and vent fan

Zawazuki says:

Epic video. It elevated my life. My dad died in Vietnam war 1970 and lives through my videos.

Ryan James says:

7:15 You realize a bitch is a female dog, right? You don’t think sexism is bully behavior?

OnyxTheRevived says:

Was the dialogue edited in the movie and re-released for DVD?
I noticed that some of Cool Cat’s lines sounded different while he was talking to Maria about the texts.
In older reviews from a couple of years back, the audio of Cool Cat’s lines were more encouraging of Maria opening the strange messages, including the ones that say you’ve won lots of money.

Gaelan Mulcahy says:

Butch actually reminds me of Nathan from South Park

Edwin Bartolome says:

Very nice review bro, you deserve more subscribers. I subbed 🙂

various concerts says:

Am I the only one that thinks Daddy Derek probably smells like Johnnie Walker Black and Brut Aftershave?

siamiam says:

dat cat needs a phat flat hat with a picture of a bat named matt

pig and professor from impys island , daddy derek and talking anthropomorphic mama cat in this movie, hey its their love and its a better love story then….. O_O

Amberbaum says:

The Pokemon sandbox-bullying scene was really good. Now I wish you’d make some separate review Pokemon battle style.

The Ultimate Gamer2016 says:

To be fair, most of it is reused footage from three Cool Cat films that came out before this one. That is why the plot is manly disjointed.

Walkr2002 says:

How the hell do you have this video quality and only 200 subs

koolkatkar says:

Just found this channel and I would like to say that I really liked this review about one of my idols Kool Kat. Good Job.

Cheesy Dedenne says:

I deleted my comment since I think this is some edited version of Saves the Kids instead of kids superhero. Great Video btw

Travis Touchdown says:

Where’s the scene when daddy Derek smacks cool cat for constantly calling him by his first name?

MissJazzDaFunk says:

Cool cat sings in Spanish in the music scene. But yeah, it’s badly done Spanish so I’d understand if anyone thinks he’s speaking in tongues.

Funny video tho!!

Donna Brooks says:

Oh noes! I used to watch Southpark and always felt bad for Butters and now you tell me he’s turned into a bully?! That’s sad and hard to imagine.

gregg peterson says:

hello love the video but about derek savage and what happened to the case he got into some big trouble cause he told the i hate everything guy that he had contacted another film maker who made a film that was reviewed by i hate everything that they were going to both issue copyright strikes against his channel and have it deleted for good and the your movie sucks guy did some digging and got into contact with the other director not derek and the other guy never even heard of derek let alone worked with him to take down i hate everything’s youtube channel so derek was using another person’s identity without there consent and that falls under identity theft which i believe is a felony if i am wrong correct me but that is what i heard and that’s why derek dropped the case against i hate everything cause he commited a felony and was going to go to jail if he didn’t drop his case sorry for any misspelling btw love the video and i’ll subscribe

Mr. Morris says:


Yamishi Ikeda says:

I wanna call this movie “Cool Cat Sucks the Dicks” but I genuinely feel that might make this thing LESS creepy in a way.

Me trying to be funny when I’ve been up for like 2 days with a summer cold^

Alex Dionisos says:

I haven’t seen a review that made me laugh this much in a long time.

Killerwhale 6011 says:

Underrated stuff

Cierra Allwardt says:

Licks the crumbs off his chest …….. *shutters*. But other than that, this was awesome! Gotta hand it to the guy in the cat suit. That suit must have been really hot in the sand castle scene.

Michael Lewis the JRPG King says:

First Toni Braxton was in The Ogieloves now Vivica A Fox is in this!? I gotta go back and see if they were blinking in Morse code for help.

FabFields67 says:

Another classic Cool Cat review. Wanted to mention I love how you pointed out feeling for the actor sweating so much at 11:45 white shirts aren’t a good look to see right thru xDD you’re right cause the actor who played him has said online how hot the suit was during filming in the summer lol

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