Felidae Review: The most violent kids movie you have never heard of

This first Episode of Painer Movies is a Felidae Review

it is an old Animated movie for Adults (even if it is rated for kids) from Germany and is most likely the most violent kids film you have never heard of.
if you want to see a Movie like Watership Down this might be exactly for you.
It may look like a cute kids film but it is definitely for adults.
This Movie was based of a book and like Watership down it is an old Animated Movie for Adults.
Don’t show this to kids. even if I made a censor gag in this Felidae Review.

I also talk a bit about the differences between the ESRB and the FSK. Because… what could be better than a German talking about a Foreign Movie. what many things? yeah but what about a German talking about a Foreign Movie and making a funny Review in the style of old Nostalgia critics. what? I Am not funny? yeah, i hear that a lot.FINE… than at least enjoy the Review of the most violent kids movie you have never seen or heard about
and hey if no one else has heard of this movie at least I can Review an unknown Movie

and maybe I can spread the word about this animated movie for Adults so someday this unknown Movie isn’t unknown anymore. or you just like a German talking about a Foreign Movie

or just show your friends this movie and don’t say anything to them… but don’t show this to kids…

I cannot say it often enough… this is an Animated Movie from Germany for Adults and rated as a kids movie… the most violent kids film you have never heard about!!!

Have fun with this Felidae Review.

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Fox Gard says:

I wish this video had more likes

StanWinTV says:

i love it lol your personality is so good and entertaining XD. i am now a fan of yours XD

LadyVixy says:

Haha beginning xD background is very cool ! you chose a nice one 🙂
i like the first cat in the animated movie; animation is pretty good you’re right !

Painer Reviews says:

what do you think of this movie? was it worse than Watership Down?

NotOrdinaryInGames says:

Why in HECK would you call this a kids’ movie? What is there for kids at all?

WereWolf_Zoe Pennywise :3 says:


Curly & Clueless says:

Felidae looks like a tragic version of the Musical Cats…But your reactions to it were hilarious!!

William Joyner says:

Wow dude… that’s crazy! Great video and research!

The Fanfiction Captain says:

I can’t tell if this movie is amazing or terrible Xd I’m adding this to my wall of “The best of the worst”

Conmose says:

You’re right, I had never heard of this movie. Glad I saw your video! A cat thriller.. It seems interesting and weird. But I love watching weird movies. I looked up the dvd.. but it’s quite expensive! Hopefully I see it one day at a German con.

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