Friends With Kids – Movie Review


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Omar Alor says:

I see you are doing the “putting a picture of the movie as a thumbnail” thing that you were doing before. Slick Eric!

Zoe's Movie and Makeup Corner says:

shes in the film for a small amount of time but i thought she did a good job at what she was playing in the film. i really like this movie but i had the worse expectations for this film but pretty glad i was proven wrong.

PhictionFilms says:

is this out in theatres or on dvd?

Omar Alor says:

Eric, if you need a reason to see Piranha 3D, Adam Scott is in it!

AndersenGuitar says:

I screened this movie tonight at the theatre I work at. It really is a fantastic movie.

Omar Alor says:

@PrettyMuchIt well, the thing about the thumbnails in the past was that, it tricked some people into thinking you were showing the photo, or video that you were talking about. Not me of course, but them comments may be coming back, just giving you a heads up.

electroscandal says:

@Phiction7 theaters

Sandra Kitchen says:


adenmari123qwerty says:

@jaja11277 Dude you can’t even get her name right and A) She is a terrible actress and B) She isn’t that hot

superbadstudio says:

You didn’t mention Chris O’Dowd at all, i love him he’s the best. The It Crowd is brilliant

eskimofreek says:

Its the fucking Catalina Winemixer

thegroupfoundedinlms says:

not a fan.

DrakenGuardz says:


philip browne says:

wht about chris o dowd??

WonderBooks says:

Looks like a fun movie!! Great review!!

internetwin says:

I’m getting sick of these movies where male and female friends have sex but try to stay friends the whole time.

Shaz Yong says:


Charlie Morse says:

I wasn’t the biggest fan of this movie but I agree with you 100% on Adam Scott. Fantastic.

Joe Barden says:

i second watching the vicious kind!

Matthew Ramos says:

i really like ur vids man, a few months ago i didnt even no about the avengers till u put a video on it and i thank you very much for that because im a huge marvel fan.

Angelchinkyy says:

The woman is so ugly

James Porter says:

Chris O Dowd’s american accent in this is fucking awful

FroopDoop says:

Sucks that it leaked online. I didn’t watch it because I want to see it in theaters.

Tom Walker Films says:

what about chris o’dowd? him and richard ayodeye are both in big hollywood films after starting in the it crowd, they’ve done well for themselves 🙂

chrissyboi1234 says:

Totally recommend ‘The Vicious Kind’ for an incredible Adam Scott performance!

Katie Dryden says:

Thanks! I may have to rethink seeing this movie.

thesajmahal says:

@13beautifuleyes obviously he will lol

Louie Knowles says:

If you like Adam Scott you have to see the vicious kind, great movie and he’s amazing in it.

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