Friends with Kids Review (funny movie review)

What happens when all your friends have kids? Once Schmoe finds out with the aptly titled “Friends with Kids”…could Ellis buy the plot? Would he find himself longing for children of his own?? Enjoy!SUBSCRIBE HERE:

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porterkelly says:

I totally bought it, totally loved it. You are clearly not the target market for this baby making movie, and should probably not be reviewing romantic comedies by yourself as a general rule. Hahaha! Your review was entertaining, nonetheless. I do agree that Megan Fox was good but (SPOILER ALERT!!) she WAS playing a self-absorbed actress.

Darkmoon_Archer says:

@schmoesknow Glad I was able to bring back some memories. It sounds like you have one awesome aunt.

That_Misfit says:

Great review!

schmoesknow says:

@BraReviews It certainly has qualities, I just couldn’t vibe with the premise…hope you enjoy it if you get to see it!

schmoesknow says:

@captcrais101 Hoping to see it this weekend!

schmoesknow says:

@aNirvanaMuse Not sure if we’ll get around to 1,000 Words…from the looks of it I wouldn’t want to waste words saying “Hello…1 ticket for 1,000 Words, please”

Abi Rowe says:

One of the megan fox scenes in the movie was shot in my town.

cHad30000 says:

So this film didn’t show you the car fax?

John Smith says:

It is not out in my area yet. When will you review Silent House?

wolf11 says:

Hey guys please do a review for Silent House please I really like to know what you thought about it .I heard so many mix reviews on this

hunter12555 says:

Poor mark ahha

Miss Movies says:

“appalled by couples with kids.” -sad face. I know you weren’t talking about me, or Kristian, right?

John Smith says:

Megan Fox can act? I thought her talent was just being sexy

eartianwerewolf says:

I don’t want to see this crap haha. Yuck. Wanna see the new Studio Ghibli movie.

schmoesknow says:

@Sergeantspoon I’m as shocked as you…amazing what happens when Michael Bay isn’t around, I guess.

Spencer Jackson says:

I have never heard of this movie & I won’t B watching it. I don’t know Y single ppl want 2 have kids. I’m glad I have 2 travel this weekend cause all the movies sux this weekend.

schmoesknow says:

@ByMonitorLight I know, I know…I promise I hadn’t been drinking during the flick. Much.

leoninja says:

this is the first time i’ve ever heard of this film

ByMonitorLight says:

Why is FemShep on what looks like a Star Wars: The Old Republic poster?
I know they’re from the same company, but she takes on an armada of 2km tall, ancient, sentient space-ships. The Sith she’d barely bother taking the time out to headbutt into simpering submission while casually cruising for a someone/thing to shag.
“What’s that? Bow to the dark side?” *thud* “Now go get me a drink before I unfold this assault rifle up your arse.”

Kenyatta Brant says:

Wait wait wait Megan fox is in the movie? Well I’ll see it even if she has like 3 minutes of screen time (Yeah I know she can’t act but she’s eye candy, lol).

ByMonitorLight says:

Oh, and as for the film, never heard of it, but very curious to see it, if only for, “Megan Fox is good in this movie. I swear!”
And you’re telling me the *premise* was pushing reality…?

schmoesknow says:

@minutemancl I’d say Wanderlust; both films have great casts and silly premises; but I give the nod to the team behind Wanderlust (been of fan of them since The State on MTV!)

schmoesknow says:

@cHad30000 Not in the slightest.

SuperCanonshooter says:

You remember that commercial where the dark stain on the guys shirt was talking louder than the guy was in the interview?? Yeah..all I heard was NECK HAIR! NECK HAIR! NECK HAIR! NECK HAIR! NECK HAIR! NECK HAIR! NECK HAIR! NECK HAIR! NECK HAIR! NECK HAIR! NECK HAIR! NECK HAIR! 2.5/5 Schmoes. The End

schmoesknow says:

@lindz111 Some very funny parts, just didn’t dig the premise is all.

Proudfootzorz says:

As a guy with kids I find the premise insulting.

keybladechosn1 says:

I kept thinking during this movie: “Why don’t they just adopt their own kids?” lol. Didn’t buy it at all

Javid Bencosme says:

adam scott lookes just like chris stuckmann when he has faciel hair bro lol what movie you talkin bout wen you said girls fal inluv wit guys cus ther funy lol

Boobalopbop says:

This was the plot of the Madonna movie “Next best thing”. It didn’t work then, and I guess it doesn’t work now. This is shocking, I didn’t think it was humanly possible for Kristin Wiig to not be funny tho.

Wangus Beef says:

In a perfect world fully grown, educated human beings would just materialize and kids would not exist. See my video “Children. I Hate Them.” for a fine example of why kids are Satan. Just click on my username and find it on my channel.

schmoesknow says:

@LetzTalkMoveez At least give them more screen time!

schmoesknow says:

@FilmFoolAlec Good cast but just didn’t have the same level of laughs.

Cody Hendry says:

@schmoesknow Hahaha, good enough I wouldn’t waste my money or words on that either.

carl says:

i didn’t even hear about this movie. what?

schmoesknow says:

@AnonymousAnimus Haha, thanks…you may want to aim a little higher, but I appreciate it!

FutureFameMusic says:

anyone else that whould rather have seen the focus be on maya rudolphs family? that would have made for a better movie..overall this movie follows the typical convention..and is really predicitble..saying the main couple has a falling out and then get together isnt a spoiler..unless you have never seen a movie like this before

Chris Stuckmann says:

Completely agree Ellis. Had the same thoughts pal, just couldn’t feel this one and didn’t buy it.

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