Good Kids Official Trailer 1 (2016) – Zoey Deutch Movie

Starring: Zoey Deutch, Ashley Judd, Virginia Gardner
Good Kids Official Trailer 1 (2016) – Zoey Deutch Movie

GOOD KIDS follows four overachieving high school students who, upon graduating, realize that they’ve missed out on key life experiences by always following the rules. They decide to reinvent themselves in order to live up their last summer together before college with disastrous consequences.

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Reanna Towns says:

mara from house of anubis?!?!

Daniel says:

Zoey Deutch is really gorgeous, WOW! why haven’t i seen you long before?

Jacob Martin says:

What’s the molds name a 1:11

Coco says:

Tasie Lawrence!

Olivier C says:

that dude is way too tall

Average Gigel says:

Is this movie any good? Like Superbad good?

Hellen C. says:

Ahora solo de esto se tratan las películas: sexo, DROGAS, alcohol! groserías! y unos tontos haciéndose los graciosos! q tontería…!!!

sirdaveysockrocker says:

Its so predictable its like it was made with a “how to make a teen comedy” manual.

Amirboys says:

Realy Realy Best Video For 16 Olds

Kikka Rapää says:

This isn’t the type of comedy that makes you laugh

A.M Lash says:

That tall guy became quite attractive. He’s tall as shit, also helps. He pretty cute. Ponytail Derek lol
Watched this movie, not gonna lie it’s pretty entertaining – beyond unrealistic granted, but hey I didn’t expect anything other than that

Abraham Chung says:

i thought i saw weird al in the thumbnail. i was disappointed

Renaldo Soleyn says:

this movie is the best laugh for the year

najib Nasir says:


Bo Gustavson says:

So over half of those on set and behind the camera are jewish in this film. Another great percentage is engaged and married into the tribe. Do not dare to say that anyone in Hollywood practice tribal favoritism however or it is you who will be called a racist. 1% of the total population is jewish and hollywood is full of hopefull none jews. How can anyone possible explain this when its thousands of movies seemingly practicing favoritism? Yea a black, asien, white and hispanic looking actor is allways in but guys when they are all jewish or jewish married then it is really deceptive.

DopeGrime says:

anybody know the second from ending song in the film at 1hour 22 mins, its a slow guitar its fucking awesome but cant find it anywhere 🙁

Ej Marbella says:

i have seen these actors before, at least 4/5 of them were in a disney show or movie right?

poliscorp says:

zoey deutch is such a beauty

Rachel Dannheisser says:

OMG what happened to Jerry?!?!?!?

E N says:

Did anyone notice that Julia Garner (Electrik Children) is in the trailer?

blake moneé. says:

saw this on Netflix and read the description and was like “yes, i have to watch this but let me watch the trailer just to make sure.” literally 4 seconds into the trailer, i was like, “yes. i need to watch this.” so now I’m about to watch it. 🙂 yay

Jacob Martin says:

What’s the milfs name @ 1:11 ?

Alpha Julie says:

Where can I watch this ??

GhostieHam says:


adamdanieldavies says:

I realised the song at the end is from a band called Patent Pending which to me gives me hope this is a good film

Ameria Woods says:

Ain’t nobody gonna acknowledge my man jerry from kick n it

doriantrevelyan says:

this actually looks amazing

Casey Norei says:

i did not expect this movie to be as good as it was omg new fav

Angel77777771 says:

This movie was soooooooo bad.

Marta S. says:

That tall guy is the one from Minute Men and the camera boy from that movie of Selena and Demi about princesses, or it’s just me?

Jacob Martin says:

Or 1:12

Filip Polívka says:


Robert Williams says:


Sienna- May101 says:

Lmaooo The guy from the Bling Ring

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