How BAD is the Garbage Pail Kids Movie???

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Billy Deel says:

Even though this is an odd ass movie.. I still like it, I actually just finished watching it.. Maybe it is because I watched it when I was like 4 or 5.. Hey if a picture of a fucking potato can be art then so can this! lol

heavy meddle says:

ACHTUNG!!! I’m still disabled after watching this horrendous movie

Siko1000 says:

don’t those 25 year old’s have anything better to do than pick on a 12 year old?

GamerZero says:

I may be in the minority, but I would watch the Garbage Pail Kids Movie over Titanic, any day of the week.

oskar palin says:

80s bitch!

November has come says:

how bad is your life

Santiago Munoz says:

the fuck

Tommy lee Pate says:

kool movie

DarkestArt says:

he, he!!

Dr. Tom Trollington says:


BarcodeBass31 says:

Here we go again. There is something to remember here. The garbage pail kids were some sick drawings, they were intentionally over the top nasty and ridiculous because the “Cabbage Patch Kids” were over the top homogenized.

If you don’t know the Cabbage Patch Kids premise. The are babies born with their heads growing out of the ground. They come out of a head of Cabbage. The Dolls came with a birth certificate. If you wanted to change their name you mailed it back, and they would print you a new one. You “adopted”them. It was crazy complicated doll bullshit.

The music number was to make fun of the childlike nature of the movie premise. The names and costumes of the people were typical 80s inner city movie fair. Watch the movie “Breakin”. For what it is this movie is effectively what “Sausage Party” is to Pixar movies.

Er C says:

It was an 80s movie. No need for a break down. The majority of 80s movies were cheesy and AWESOME. Stopped listening. It was pointless.

tommy durkin says:

Please do dude movies suck nowadays and you slay that shit

guyoflife says:

If they reboot it then it will probably be better. perhaps even decent. It’s hard to make it worse.

clock655321 says:

most be Tromaville

SansTheLamp says:

This video is the funniest video ever!!!!

Sunny Pandey says:

theres santa in there for too fat lol

Celebi says:

Juice looks like Onision.

tommy durkin says:

Too crippled hahhahahaha

MrDman21 says:

I guess whoever wrote this must be a Led Zeppelin fan since he named one of the characters Tangerine.

beatrix the great says:

Five minutes in and I’m already having a great time:)

Allen Costello says:

You suck

Michael Sluder says:

You are so cute

Julian Pitt says:

0:42 Maybe because they were made for girls?

Jay Robinson says:

You sound like you have a head cold.

Sara Carr says:

15:15 Santa is in a cage for being ‘too fat’

patrick costello says:

Predictive programming! This is all coming true today.

Ghostrus Framey says:

I found my happy place! XD

Also randomly thinking that juice looks like a Love-Child from Elijah Wood and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, just……….. ‘throwin that out there :/

Uhhhhhhhhhhh………………………. Dracula would have made this movie better.

YT YT says:

16:22 Close your eyes at this scene.

SansTheLamp says:

I was always scared of those stupid cabbage patch kids

Jack Luke says:

maybe dodgers a orphan and captain Manzini adopted him

Miss Peggs says:

Those puppets are so freaking cringey….

Blazey Kat says:

Nightborne voice: An illusion! What are you hiding?

davekn74 says:

11:23. His summary of the 80’s was awesome. This video makes the movie look way funnier than it was.

michelle figueroa says:

I love this guy’s wit and sarcasm…such a great personality

Jan May says:

Jesus I thought Howard the Duck was bad;…this is a must watch. What can I say i like to punish myself with shit movies….

gpd784 says:

17:21 Ha! Very funny!

Moonbeam says:

I remember getting stoned one night and watching this, and loving it. Don’t do drugs, kids.

Chef Vegán says:

Valid points!

KolonaRulez says:

Mars Attacks was a trading card movie done right.

Anthony Henriques says:

“a Dr. Seuss adaptation of “The Town” lol dude your very clever

jesse james says:

this is the funniest channel on youtube. legit, or at the very least the funniest film review channel.

Valentin Svensberg says:

I want a remake!

Jaximon Westar says:

The movie is so terrible, it’s terrific.

erikcarrillo33 says:

This movie’s so bad it hurt even watching a review for it.

tommy durkin says:

Oh shit making Michael Jackson clothes hahhahahahah

TheReal_Louis_Moore says:

I love your half assed attitude

That Guy says:

Jesus, and I thought Suicide and Trash were retarded sounding names.

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