Thinking of taking your kids to see Disney Pixar’s Incredibles 2? Is Incredibles 2 for kids? Here are some things you may want to know before hitting the theater. Check out this kids review of the animated superhero movie Incredibles Two!


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M says:

I think it is so cool that you are making being stay-home parents work. There are sacrifices but trust me, years from now when your children are grown, you will be more thankful than you even are now that this is working for you. And your children are learning great lessons. Unlike other vloggers, you are genuinely thankful for us followers that in part let you give this gift of time to your children. Thank you for delivering great content. And lastly, it is really cool how Brexie is coming into his own as of late. Love it!

Jacklyn Muth says:

I luv you guys I have only been watching you guys non stop hazel is adorable and the boys are amazing, wish j was a good swimmer and wish I could have the window views you do. Luv your Chanel keep up the good work

Peanut's Mom says:

I heard that it’s not really a appropriate movie for kiddos. Scary, curse words, and so much more that aren’t good for littles. We never seen one and will not see 2 even though she is older but my favorite commercial from it is “math is math” so true!

Sandra Nelson says:

The sight of Hazy chowing down on a corn dog! Now I’m hungry for a corn dog…
Definitely, get a truck tent!
Potty training? I’m still working on it…

Jaci Bumpus says:

I am a big fan

Jacqueline Vandevender says:

LOVE Mindy’s Outfit!!

Lynne McDonald says:

Mindy you looked great very nice dress and make up looked wonderful 🙂 good luck with potty training xx

sophie smith says:

Hopefully 200k by end of June woop woop

ALBERTO Martinez says:

That story is like bass pro shop

Peanut's Mom says:

Mindy I ADORE the new outfit!!! You so need to do your own fashion show and show all your fans your finds!

Savage Bros says:

I saw Incredibiles 2 yesterday.

Tasha G says:

It was scary????? My 7 year old loved it!

Griffen Sellers says:

I have a trunk and a tent.

ChekyKaryl With ChekyCarli Cousin YouTube Channel? says:

I love incredibles 2!

Megumi Barclay says:

You guys are the spittin image of health 😉

Kiki Kienzle says:

i loved it so much

debra bolton says:

Though not into guns and hunting I would love to go to Cabelas to see the aquarium and other displays. I really enjoyed the Incredibles so many years ago, so looking forward to seeing 2 on Netflix. That is one terrific movie theater. Aww, Hazy. You are getting to be a big girl.

Erin Pauley says:

Good luck with potty training, it will be nice to not have diapers anymore.

Kerri Kuykendall says:

Why don’t you leave your larger pool set up? You can get covers for them on Amazon and they get warmer in the sunshine. Then use a little Shock to clean/chlorinate. So much nicer to have it ready to go.

sophie smith says:

Please get a bigger pool I can imagine the epic fun u guys would have on ‘lazy’ days x

Sukannya Bhattacharya says:

Your thumbnail is beyond incredible today! 😀

sheryl aquino says:


Kim Potter says:

The seriously cool fish is a sturgeon. You get really expensive caviar from them.

Naomi Beery says:

Brexen…You’re the best!

katie dittmann says:

Will there be sweatshirts on your swag

Jack Juliano says:

That was a sturgeon

Luther Rackley says:

Good volg thanks

Shirley Newman says:

Love you all!!!! Good luck with the potty training Mindy, hope Hazy does good for you!!!

Andrea D says:

I love the red Bingham sweatshirt. I wanted one the first time you put them out. Hope you bring it back!
Also I’ve been potty training my 2 1/2 year old boy and all I can say is good luck with hazy! I hope she is easy and catches on fast.

Krystin Magnia says:

Potty training is rough!! Goodluck! I think shell do great. My sons 3 amd is potty trained took forever though. We loved Incrediables 2!

Cheesy Taco RBLX says:

I went to go see the incredibles 2 today when I’m watching this I thought it was a little tense but I liked it I hope potty training goes good for Hazy! GO HAZY!!!! Here’s a tip how my mom potty trained me was to run water then after a little bit the water will make Hazy go potty! I really hope it goes good! And prayers that there won’t be another flood!❤️

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