INCREDIBLES 2 Movie Gear Test & Toys Review for Kids!

Get ready for a DISNEY PIXAR Incredibles 2 Movie Super Hero Gear Test & Toys Review by KIDCITY! We’ll try out Mr. Incredible Muscle Costume, a Jack-Jack action toy set, and much more!
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Welcome to KidCity – the premier YouTube channel for kids and fun families! KidCity features Lil’ Flash, DadCity, MomCity & even our youngest Ava – as we play all sorts of kids games, test the latest toys and super hero gear, and even compete in challenges for kids! And we do it all as a family! We love to test out Super Hero Gear like Spider-Man Web Shooters & Avengers Nerf Gear. We also play NINTENDO SWITCH games, and unbox toys from the LEGO Batman Movie, Hot Wheels Cars, Justice League, Avengers, and even more super hero toys!

We are committed to a fun, safe & clean videos for all ages. We will never promote anything that we wouldn’t let our own children participate in!


Sherene Thompson says:

stop dowing 3am videos its not real

Greg Gass says:


Kid World says:

I didn’t watch the first one, but the new one looks awesome so I’m going to watch the first one, this was a nice video!!!!!!

SONTOY says:

Wow, the video is really fun !! I’ll subscribe !! Come to my channel too. 😀

Ivy Evans says:


Yoyo Fun Toy says:

have you watched the movie? we are going to watch it next week…

Vlogingandmore says:

I’m a teenager, but, it’s never to old to watch kid YouTubers!

Margaret Melvin says:

Dadcity you and lil’flash should do a wee match between ava and momcity!Epic

Celena Sherrell says:

Booty little flash

Tyler Sindjui says:

Flash is faster than dash

Jay Redding says:

Never stop making videos cause if you do I will go crazy!!!!!

Khodor Tannir says:

I love your channel and videos!!!!!❤

Cayson SANDERS says:

I Think flash is faster then dash

Ibrahim Albousaifi says:

LiL flash I like you

jojo. my favorite dinosaur is t rex Mpeti says:

Flash is faster than dash ava

Plastic Meteor27 says:

Do a part 2 please please

Kevin Coady says:

Yesterday was my birthday

Herry Fonny says:

Kidcity you Are one of my favorite YouTubers
I hope you make other great videos

firoz Khan says:

1000th liker

Gordana Zivanovic says:

Flash vs dash

Abimbola Kesington says:


Jayden Howard says:

You should make a money in the bank match

jay ecsocktick says:


Егор Лысенко says:

Лайк если ты с Снг

Kichu Philip says:

Ava is very cute i think ava lost her unicorn when it was her last toy from toys rus and lil flash is very fast

Lego editor Dani says:

Flash is faster than Dash

Edith Salvatore says:


BENJAMIN1700 cansecó says:

New sub

sam manto says:

Iil flash and ava are both good

chris monkey says:

You should do a incredible shack rumble

Kendra Ross says:

Not all of them are bad guys

Naruto llama the llama kage says:

Wow were did that come from (me) video edits

gabriel daily says:

I love kidcity so munch. I’ll flash you look like dash

Janet Frei says:


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