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Gibelli Ruiz Lara says:

gihuigihvj hibkjkhk vjbhbbvbkb

Tyson.geter says:

I ment nidding

riley c says:

Sophia, that was a pretty good impression of the clown! My name is Riley Anderson too!

Carys The Crazy Chick!. says:

I like jurrasic park.!

ELLA's lps world says:

inside out

Zahra Fakhrizal says:

jurasic world

GamerD Dud says:

insid out

Cher Rodriguez says:

inside out

The L fam says:

Bella is good at knitting


i want that one can you buy me the ball one

jess W says:

I love inside out it’s like my favorite movie and I watch that movie in 3D so I love u guys

Lele Han says:

where are you from sophia?

Nasrin Mohammadi says:

can u record a video of yourselfs i wanna see you . how old are u ?

Abbie Brown says:

inside out

Aleah Crazy says:

I would choose inside out as the BEST!

Maddie Sayers says:

Inside out

ashawni taylor says:


ExpGamer 9407 says:

you are so fanny

Emily Fun says:

Inside out

Chantelle Best says:
Alejandra Tucker says:

My son loves Joy cause he loves to smile be happier and be joyful everyday. how sweet is that ?

Fred Kanashiro says:

I choose inside out

Jess Ong says:

how old are they?

Mumma Lennon says:

Inside out

Tanner 1126 says:

That plasma ball is static electricity

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