Is “Born In China” Too Dark For Kids? – Movie Review

In a world where hawks swoop down from the skies to capture unsuspecting monkeys and snow leopards feast on small critters, is “Born In China” too scary for the kids and Grandma?


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MR MH DR says:

I wish canadian exotic animal store soon import farm panda and little monkey from china for people to adopt and play .

Ted Vanhuserhorn says:

Thank you for including Grandma.

Beartic Do Caralho says:

Wаtcсcch Bоrn in Chinааа оnlinееее in hd qualitу hееееrе =>

Dead Meme says:

Im going on a 9 hour flight next week and this is on the inflight entertainment, it looks really interesting and I’m excited to watch it.

TIE Fighter pilot says:

Panadas, definitely.

Rebecca Chidsey says:

Those little monkeys are so cute!

Rochelle says:

Panda bears are my daughters favorite. Another parent says this movie, based only her review of a review online, is too violent for younger children and has the “most kill scenes” of any Disney movie. Is this true? I’m planning to take my 6yo to see it. Most reviews I’ve seen indicate no actual killing is show (only implied off set) but since I haven’t actually seen it myself, I just don’t know. Can you elaborate more on whether it is really violent like this parent is trying to make me think it is?

Rachel's Reviews says:

I’m excited to see this. I agree with you about Disneynature and how their films help show kids animals in a way a zoo never could

Zhenzhen Miao says:

but the director is a Chinese…but you guys don’t know that…highly recommend his other movies and you will love them..

Rachel's Reviews says:

You should see African Cats. That is dark!

Sennen's Channel says:

snow lepord

Qiang Yang says:

there is a youtube channel ipanda which just do ‘not dark’ panda videos.

Gail Manthey says:

Bоооrn in Chinа full mоviеee hееere =>

Linda Kissenberger says:

Saw this movie and really liked it really good film really cute and very well done my favorite animal in china is the panda.

hsome88 says:

I give it a perfect 10 !

Helena huang says:

Actually there was another Disney nature movie in 2015 called monkey kingdom . That one has no death. That was good. Haven’t seen this one. This was supposed to be my birthday movie but my family decided to go on a road trip on my birthday . Then tried planning it for the week after but one of my friends is in summer classes. I am Chinese so I wanted to see this with my two Chinese friends so badly. Going to see it Thursday with one of my two Chinese friends before it leaves the cheap theatre. I’ve already been warned about the leopard getting struck by the mommy yak’s horn and dying and leaving her cubs alone so i’m kind of prepared for that .

Tiny Nidget says:

TТhis is thе niceist movie i еvеr sеe!!! I аdvise evеrуbоoody tо wаtсh it 🙂

Ashley Whatmore says:

panda is my favorite

iHaveContrl says:

I love all big cats, I was shocked to see how hard their lives had been. Beautiful footage, absolutely amazing.

Abrahan Salas Plúas says:

You сan waaaаtсcch Bоooorn in Chinа hеeeere

TheComputerCat * says:

This video is really well done. You need more subscribes.

Lixin Dou says:

if you love panda follow @PDChina on Twitter, they post many panda videos. These videos always brighten my heart. 🙂

Yiman Wang says:

Haven’t seen the US version. Curious to know: does the US version include the death of a snow leopard, presumably the mother? The death of the mother implies the cubs will die too. This footage appeared toward the end in the Chinese version, and raised much ire among the audience.

Navdeep Singh says:

Watch Born in Chinа onlineеeе in hd quality herе =>

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