IT – Movie Review!!! Kids Review It!!!

d-three reacts Reviews It(2017) Horror Movie!!


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Hi People It's Justin says:

In my opinion IT was more of a commedy than a horror movie

Kassy.losers 07 says:

I watch it 8 times

YoItz NatBat says:

What is it rated

lucas morandini says:

Damn. Now i want them as my little brothers.

adrian bon the constructor says:

d-three im 14 i supa want to see it also ur a realy cool reviewer and reacitions

#1pamdaprimefan that loves his vids says:

My 1st horror movie was the best

Halloween Fights says:

I can’t wait to see it I really want to see it

adrian bon the constructor says:

d-three would the movie be bad if there was no gore and vilonce! i saw alien covenant thats a horror movie. im not scared of that much stuff

Jared Bigstone says:

I watched both ITs and also I just subscribe

noutebook123456789 says:

sorry kids, but you are too young for watching this movies… please stop. It´s not funny stay up all night and be scared of clowns or red ballons, just because you´ve done some cool thing. From this film are scared even adulst! This can destroy all your life… please think about it.

Jiggy vlogs says:

How did u guys see it, its rated R

adrian bon the constructor says:

wait omg you dont have nightmares i dont to whoah

Tiger shark gamesHD says:

It’s MA in Australia

Your Late says:

Bro this is rated r

adrian bon the constructor says:

15th comment great job and review

adrian bon the constructor says:

i shared this video to my google+ account

hawkeyegames says:

i wish the movie would have the orgy in it like the book i wanted to see all the kids fuck Beverly until they jizzum

adrian bon the constructor says:

can my brother se it with me hes 20 adult im 14 to tell again

Rio 360 says:

I watched it on Saturday at 4:00

excited coin says:

beside I’m cool

internetmaster1 says:

” You shouldn’t watch R rated movies” comments coming in 3, 2, 1 and….

Katie Stewart says:

Why are they talking so so so so so so so so si so so so su so so much

Steve Billings says:

I saw the original & am going to see the new IT movie this weekend. Great review.

Slime Nuggets says:

Why would they watch rated R movies it’s not for kids they are probably like 3,4, and 11

Commander Frog says:

These are some of the bravest kids I’ve ever seen. I was a total pussy when I was a kid, so I wouldn’t have lasted 2 minutes when Pennywise came on if I was still their age.

mario pineda says:

I saw IT and I’m 10 years old and I only got scared once but like barely

#1pamdaprimefan that loves his vids says:


It'z Joseph Barnes & Co. says:

Boi…..the clown always sounds like scooby doo

Zova says:

i thought it was a 15?

adrian bon the constructor says:

i love eddie hes funny as hell! at the ending when thery were battleing pennywise omg when pennywise throgh up on eddie i think it was eddie

#1pamdaprimefan that loves his vids says:

I ALMOST PEED MY PANTS TO well not really…

excited coin says:

how old is the girls

Burchtreeboss Movies says:

I watched IT last Sunday night it was FANTASTIC

lit Bonnie gamer rise says:

Kewl it means cool

XA guacha Lover says:

I am a 9 and going to watch the It movie

Pennywise The Dancing Clown says:


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