John Reviews Kids Movies

In which John Green takes a long, hard look at some of his son’s favorite movies, including The Lego Movie, Despicable Me 2, The Croods, and Penguins of Madagascar.

Children’s movies turn out to be really interesting, discussing everything from what makes us human to how we should wield our suddenly enormous power to shape our biosphere.

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Conner Fields says:

Cheesy what jokes?

JalyssaJayne says:

GUYS I watch vlogbrothers ALOT but why to hank and john make videos like they’re talking to eachother…please don’t hate me

Ted Cruz says:

are you depriving henry of shrek?

Evan Pitkin says:

No Miyazaki movies? Lame. Your research isn’t normally this derelict.

Dizzy Lizzie says:

Hug sadistic.

Sam Seidel says:

wait but if humans and Neanderthals can successfully produce offspring aren’t we technically the same species? Is there more complexity to the definition of species than I am aware of?

aacsmiles says:

This is about to get incredibly nerdy, but I think John completely missed the point of the Lego movie which makes it so brilliant. The movie doesn’t just blindly praise the creative types by going “Look at us creatives. We’re so unique and awesome. We’re so much better than those conventional types who couldn’t put their shoes on without instructions.”This is a trope in movies that I just hate because some people just aren’t creative and that’s okay. We need creativity, of course, but we also need those conventional types in order to have a functioning society, as demonstrated by the movie. What makes the Lego movie so special is that it acknowledges the importance of the strengths of all people, creative or not.
Notice how the main character, Emmett, isn’t very creative himself. What he is good at it understanding the instructions. He understands the nuts and bolts of how to build something solid. It is because of this that his double-decker couch survives the crash, while his friends’ creative plane doesn’t. His friends may be better at thinking on their feet and creating unique things, but Emmet is good at thinking practically and building something that will last. In the end, it is the union of creativity and practicality, as well as inclusion rather than exclusion, which wins the day.

Jessica says:

I’m the only person who ended up hating the ending of the Lego movie.
I didn’t mind the little hints that humans are the ones controlling the Legos but when we completely moved out of the Lego world & into the human world it just threw me off.

Jeannie Hunter says:

Need some more female-centric films! I recommend Home.

deanmullen10 says:

2:02 i genuinely first experienced romantic feelings when I was 8 but perhaps i’m a bizarre exception.

Ted Cruz says:

can you just post a video of you changing positions?? my eyes just had the biggest workout of their life. left. right. left. right. must be exhausting.

Leevell Lesure-Jones says:

can you review the fault in our stars

Cajer 1618 says:

The fact that some modern humans have neanderthal dna not only indicates that we interbred in the past, since it was such a long time ago, this also indicates that their offspring were fertile, and their offspring’s offspring, etc. Because of this we’re not really sure that humans and neanderthals are different species.
Point is it’s entirely possible that that relationship in The Croods isn’t inter-species at all.

Leo Schenk says:

Corporate America, and Denmark

Julius Caesar says:

Wait! John! Aren’t Neaderthals just another kind of human?

Raven Meadows says:


Kelsea Rose says:

Studio Ghibli! Every single studio SG movie I bring to the kids I babysit captivates each one of them, and they span from ages 1-14. My sister and I enjoy the movies more as adults than we did as children. Some of the movies have a run time of up to 3 hours, but none of the kids were never bored. The themes, artwork, and incredibly complex characters are simply too intriguing. Ponyo, KiKi’s Delivery Service, Howl’s Moving Castle, and Spirited Away have always been our favorites.

Probably a Human says:

“Rarely involve, you know, humans” *cough cough* bee movie *cough cough*

tasfa10 says:

OK, so I may be wrong about this because I only watched the movie once in the cinema and then never again because I hated it, so my memory may fail me and if so please correct me. The first half of the Lego movie is amazing and the second half sucks horribly! So the first half shows an uncreative society where everyone goes by the rules and nothing is ever changing and this reality is wonderfully portrayed by an annoying, repetitive, unoriginal and upbeat earworm pop song which is basically saying that you’re awesome if you belong, if you fit in, if you conform, if you’re like everyone else, if “you’re part of the team”. To me the song represented the superficial “awesomeness” of our plastic society (pun intended), and would only remind me of social media, where you post photos that are supposed to be testimonies of how awesome your life is but you’re in fact doing what everyone else does, so despite what it may seem you’re not really standing out but instead trying as hard as you can to “stand in” and then you check other peoples’ photos and they comment or like each others’ photos or posts or whatever and you’re basically being part of “the team” and feel awesome about it. At least thats how I saw it (yes, maybe it was just a lot of biased wishful thinking). On the human level, it’s shown to you that this is the equivalent of being glued, stuck in the status quo, being imprisoned. And then some things happen and there are some rebels and the hero is challenged to be creative and to think out of the box. So far so good. BUT, if I remember correctly, it seems the movie shoots itself in the foot with its terrible ending. It can’t remember the details but as far as I remember it seemed to me like they all conformed in the end, specially batman who just gives away his girlfriend to the hero just because he’s the hero!! WTF?! As if she’s the trophy for whoever is more popular or the coolest or whatever. I hated that! And then the movie ends with the exact same song which to me was the hymn to conformity and to being glued in placed, so it seemed like in the end they’ve just accepted their condition and everything remained exactly the same in spite of the glue issue!
I haven’t talked to anyone yet who shared this view about the movie so maybe I got something wrong and since I haven’t watched it ever again I didn’t get to double check it. Any thoughts or corrections??

Louise Swanson says:

So henry, unlike Oedipus, had an Oedipus Complex

A Rose With Thorns says:

John would be great at cinemasins

Celeste Alonso says:

Also, Penguins of Madagascar is very good because BENEDICT CUMBERBATCH

Synchronizor says:

Is that a RWBY thing on the wall in the background?

Jo Moody says:

I like the poster.. Really good movie. The author must be a hug sadistic

Mai says:

How many female main characters do the movies have compared to male characters?

Michelle Ziems says:

Did they actually say that the croods were Neanderthal because although they look very Neanderthal-like I don’t think they were actually declared to be Neanderthal

Kaitlyn Elward says:

How to train your dragon: presents one of the most realistic romances in any children’s movie, yet is based around the idea of friendship

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