Justice League Movie Review By Kids!!!


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Justice League Movie Review By Kids!!!

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d-three Reacts says:

Have you seen Justice League yet? If so what did you think? (Without Spoilers)
If you haven’t seen it yet, do you want to?

Kayden Mcthomas says:

I’ve seen the movie twice already, and it’s still that amazing.

Gokaiger says:

its a starter movie, if you know real movies its just meh

Misty Patterson says:

I laughed when The Flash told Batman that if Wonder Woman killed him they would back her!

Débora Estanislau says:

HI! 🙂

Vias says:

You are all great! I always enjoy watching your videos!

geostrom ben says:

React to the rake it’s scary

kiidout says:

I guess kids will be kids and not know what quality is.

Joseph White says:

I loved it and the 2 post credit scenes

internetmaster1 says:

I really liked justice league I really want to go again too. But there’s a lot of stuff cut out from the movie and that’s the only thing I didn’t like. Since we don’t know if we’re getting an ultimate cut some people started a petition to release Zack Snyder’s version. Cause the movie should’ve been more than 2 hours, but they cut it. So here it is, if you want a bigger one for home release.

internetmaster1 says:

My favorite thing about this movie was Cyborg, because the Teen Titans is my favorite superhero team of all time. So I know a lot more about him than I know the entire JL. So to see every single thing about him on the big screen was amazing for me. The hoodie he’s using like the cartoon, the struggle he goes through for the accident, what goes on his mind since he’s part human/part alien machine, the hate he had for his father and then forgiving him, Victor saying booyah. And the guy who played Silas Stone his father did really good too. They don’t exist as a team on this universe yet and Cyborg probably won’t be a part of it but Silas Stone actually built the Titans Tower. So everything they did with Cyborg they got right for me. Even what they did differently. When Silas fixes him after the battle is really cool for me too.

Ezra Simbe says:

The movie was good…but an average superhero flick at best. It’s not a big a deal as I thought it would be.

tabularasaconfirmed says:

Aw, glad you kids enjoyed it! I really want to take my little cousins to see it, I know they’d have a great time!

Joseph White says:

What did u think of end credit scenes

Misty Patterson says:

Hey guys! I went and saw Justice League yesterday and that it was awesome!

Finn Wolfhard And Jack Dylan Grazer Fan says:

I saw it i loved it my 3 favs were Cyborg,Aquaman and the funniest of all Flash

Misty Patterson says:

You guys are so awesome and cool!

Oscar Mendoza says:

Great I love your review guys :’) ❤️

Paice Colombo says:

I just saw that movine

Rawb Right As Always says:

“My man!”

Richard Joseph says:

Whoa I learned how to read from comics back in the day…This review I can believe thanks for posting

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