Justice League Movie Toys Review & Family Fun for KIDS!

Hiya Kids! Today we’re unboxing Justice League Movie Toys & Collectables from the new Justice League Movie! Action Figures, Mystery Minis, Pretend Play Superhero Costume Items and more family fun!

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Justice League Movie Batman Gear Test!

Spider-Man Web Shooters Gear Test #1:

Thor Ragnarok Movie Hammer Toss Challenge:


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Ashley Gonzalez Alvarado says:

La Nina es tonta
Y me cayó mal

Turmaine Davis says:

I already seen JL and Christmas already past we are in the 2018

Jon Millz says:

Where are you guys at I wish I could meet you guys

Keegan Cravens says:

I can go 100 with the flash gear

Javier Fuentes R says:

Can you do a Justice League hell in a cell match
in wwe 2k18

Tosh Kingston says:

I have that cyborg mask

Luke Small says:

Ought h ujhjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjj jubliuuj

Javier Fuentes R says:

Can you do a Justice League surprise egg

Erjac G says:

You should learn spanish

Stefano Cortes says:

00:54 brazzers xd

KRAMESS42 says:

I Wach the ingastie Laige

Marvella Gaona says:

I dare you to buy Nike easy minibar of Michael Jordan teach your kids how to play basketball

Waqar Baloch says:


cass santana says:

I like flash toys

Marvella Gaona says:

You should make the rumble league have stick bot yeah

Vanessa Ortiz says:


Epic Games says:

yes i am.

Keegan Cravens says:

Can I please give me the uno l love your videos

Tyreak Cole says:

I always watched I always watched I already watch Justice League

Jahnee Bradley says:


Tyler Francis says:


Javier Fuentes R says:

Can you do a Justice League surprise egg

Anthony Buchino says:

Can I have the Flash toys

Sue Cook says:

I got one of these things I got bat man

Dianne Khu says:

mjimj) j

Jay McCartha says:


Wolf News09 says:

It’s crazy we Finnish each other boneless pizza that’s what I was gonna say

Ken Pua says:

Show Dc UNO video

Marvella Gaona says:

You must do the imagine next

Zackary Ross says:

Where in Texas are you

Ken Pua says:

Can I have the UNO

Jamal Rollins says:

I watch the Justice League movie if you came to my house you can watch it

Morgan Mck says:


Andrew Allsebrook says:


Areen Usman says:

Ava is. Crazzzy

captain america mc batman says:

I have flash from rhe mystery mini

Waqar Baloch says:


Dyami cool says:

Pls pls please play uno

Dyami cool says:

I want the cya Borg and de flash big figs

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