Kids (1995) – Cult Sandwich

Henry reviews Kids, one of the most controversial films of the 90s. Created by the incendiary combo of director Larry Clark and writer Harmony Korine.

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Westcoast Chris says:

Given 2 years later he made gummo this is as tamed movie

Running Water in California says:

This movie changed my life. And, if you skated at the time then you’d already seen or heard of a lot of the kids in it in skate videos. They basically set the tone for skaters at the time.

Folgemilch21 says:

if you would stop “acting” during your speech, your fideos would be really great. maybe dont even film yourself at all? just let your narration be the star

Jonnie jazz says:

Spot on review my man remember watching this flick not long after it came out i was a skateborad kid so loved it ha still have my VHS copy some where will have to dig it out n watch it again 😀

peppermint23 says:

GREAT overview, makes me appreciate Kids in a whole new way

Dan Logrono says:

Back then I can see why this movie is fucked up but now with this generation how kids are now a days, this movie is pretty accurate tbh

Tim Schroeder says:

Yay! You pronounced my name right. (you’d be surprised how often they get it wrong.) But yeah I completely agree, I love the unbaised nature of the film, and how real it actually feels. First time I saw it, it horrified me and made me feels super uncomfortable. But in subsequent viewings, I can’t help but appreciate the talent involved in portraying life so realistically. It’s certantly a testament to how talented Harmoy Korine really is.

Thanks for doing the review, and excellent job as always. 🙂

sassythepotato says:

Never seen this film, but might watch it now. Nice video!

Holographic Marlon Brando says:

love your cult sandwich vids. if you haven’t already, maybe tackle some of the films of Korine! Gummo or Spring Breakers

NerdyGamer2001 says:

I don’t get the ending


You described this film perfectly

laura valentina says:

Great review.. here’s a film similar to kids, called Threat made in 2006

Here’s more info as it says on the cover box “it makes kids (1995). Look like an after school special..

Jaxon Gehman says:

Awesome job! You totally nailed it!

Vincent Schwab says:

This movie is like a typical “use protection!“ “drugs are bad!“ movie. I didnt like it personally. And how would u fucking beat up or kill a man when ure high wtf. (Never heard of/saw a stoned individual being aggressive)

Frankie Gino says:

Great review!

edgatoron says:

where did you get all this information???

NerdyGamer2001 says:

It maybe a cult classic but it’s one of my top 5 favorite movies of all time and my favorite drama films because it shows a good message and not what to Do as a young teenager

King Jay says:

i love every word of this. you completely expressed all my feelings about KIDS.

luissm says:

this movie got how mostly every kid is and acts from back then and now. it was spot on whether critics liked it or not

Achsah Hyche says:

i love this movie

Port Film Co-op says:

One of the great filmmakers …. Larry Clark

Flying Spark says:

cult is my favorite sandwich

MiStEr 1990;s says:

myself & my friends use to have masive parties based on this film

tscarlsson says:

Just watched KIDS again yesterday and I agree with you 100%. I was sad to find out after watching it what happened to the guy that played Casper. He was my favourite character and I immediately went to IMDB to try and see what he’d been up to since kids, wondering if he could impress me as much as he did with his performance in kids….only to discover he hanged himself in a hotel room in Las Vegas (Bellagio no less). Very sad

Lesley Smith says:

I have no legs, I have no legs

Dylan Baldwin says:

I think that this and Bully are Larry Clark’s only two films. I don’t understand his aversion to deviation from his single theme; it seems that he is just uninterested in making films that don’t revolve around skater kids. It’s a shame, because I genuinely love Kids and Bully, but I’m not sure if he’ll ever make something that I find interesting again.

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