Kids (1995) Official Trailer #1 – Larry Clark Drama HD

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Kids (1995) Official Trailer #1 – Larry Clark Drama HD

An amoral, HIV-positive skateboarder sets out to deflower as many virgins as possible while a local girl who contracted his disease tries to save his next target from her same fate.


jusgoonin says:

This movie was epic man a classic idk I think they banned it

I'MDirtyDan! says:

Astros Shirt spotted

Tilda Fabian says:

An incredible depiction of reality. So raw and well done!

Ghouriel 66 says:

Everybody in this movie looks like they smell bad

None of your business says:

why are americans so degenerate?

Jeffrey Richardson says:

Jeff Eller?

Emmanuel James says:

Unfortunately…your boy casper is no longer with us!!

adam heeley says:

This was life before cellphones. Sex, drugs, socializing…and I miss it. A lot.

HurfNurf says:

so I guess the moral of the story is don’t get aids?

Laser Beaver says:

pearl harbour cause it sucked

Elliot A says:

Old dated movie, today’s teenagers at that age are at home on the internet, glued to there phones, skateboarding has died out and the fashion has changed big time. People have evolved. Kids are more advanced now than back then.

Diego de Andrade says:


FuckFace DeadInside says:

these days its just kids on their phone sharing how high they can get or simply outdoing one another

Fabian Flores says:

So sick.

aye boss says:

What’s the song

Happy Shitkicker says:

Try living with a hernia…

Jeffrey Richardson says:


umino gurio says:

Mom don’t see this

Quentin 33 says:

Kids, Gummo….90’s had some cool movies.

shane rodriguez says:

Aids so much aids

Steven Rye says:

Being a teenage dirtbag is all fun and games until you get aids is basically the message

Charles De Rosas says:

before we had “Skins” we had this.

sundance kidd says:

larry clark kind of a perv

Capo98y says:

Any other movies like this one?

Nik Fenske says:

I always liked the kid on acid with the bugged out eyes at the oldschool NASA party

jaiblue25 says:

Zat Rosario?

kale girl says:

this is one of the best trailers I’ve ever seen

Bo Jack says:

Synopsis of the movie –
“Kid gives HIV to as many virgin girls as possible”

ayr1225 says:

This was the 90s. I miss it. We had freedom.

Jeremy Lucio says:

Favriote film ever even though I am 12 but I kinda wish the world was still like this think about it I mean people would like be outside more. Even though I might get replies like man you don’t know what your talking about and stuff like that

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