“Puppet Panic” – The Garbage Pail Kids Movie

Season 4, Episode 36

I review the critically panned Garbage Pail Kids Movie, a movie based on a trading card franchise.

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The Garbage Pail Kids are so scary! I get nightmares of the Garbage Pail Kids threatening to hurt me. The film also should’ve been rated R because it’s mean spirited.

George Robertson says:

Hey jambereeqi did you know that Jim Cummings (who voiced two of the kids) was ashamed of taking part in this movie?

Leonardo Lopez says:

0:22-0:35 Henson’s best moment

Joe Vector says:

Don’t know why but that If You… cut at the end had me rolling


You should do a collaboration with PhantomStrider! The two of you would be a great team!

Media Buff says:

Why did you do this to your self jambarreqi

Samuel Brent says:

Jambareeqi, have you thought about reviewing “Howard the Duck” at some point?

Sam Feldstein says:

Do you enjoy the Nostalgia Critic review of this film out of curiosity?

Samuel Brent says:

I’ve always never cared for gross humour, the only shows that do gross humour well is Rugrats and several adult cartoons (including South Park) imo.

Adam Watson says:

Ah, a puppet movie that is truly liable to make someone panic! Hi there, good review you look well 😀

Popular Pen-Name says:

Thanks to NC I’ll only ever be able to hear these names as “The Grocery List”.

Joanna Gilby says:

Omg this movie is shocking, I’ve never ever seen it thank goodness ur review has saved me from watching it tho. Wish I can erase this from your memory, I definitely recommend reviewing mio in the land of faraway staring a young Christian bale and Christopher Lee, its odd but well worth a watch

Harry Thomas Pictures says:

Epic Rant Jam, this is Doug Walker’s pick for worst movie ever made!

Leonardo Lopez says:

Thomas and the magic railroad

Andrew Barton says:

Did you know one of the co-creators of the Garbage Pail Kids trading cards was Art Spiegelman, you know the author and cartoonist behind Maus?

Baz The Storyteller says:

How much booze did you drink in order to get through this movie?

Am2 Ace says:

I was expecting you to be a lot angrier to this film.

Garotão Abobado says:

What i hate the most about this movie is how ugly and gross it is! I hate toilet humor, but at least i can give it a pass when is attached to something really good, but in this case is just awfull.

Nick Johnson says:

I have a review idea, but one word of warning: the movie is going to be awful. Uwe Boll’s Postal. Yes, he actually made a a Postal movie.

c0mpu73rguy says:

Puppet panic, never have this title been so right. The puppetry in this film is terrifying.

Diego Bareno says:

0:21 – 0:35 best part of the video.

Ethan Mallon says:

You’re gonna do Thomas and the magic railroad? Cool!

enderpus says:


Samuel Brent says:

Jambareeqi, what is your favourite Mario Kart game?

Here’s my ranking of the games.

64 < Super circuit < Wii < 7 < Snes original < DS = Double Dash < 8 deluxe

Brandon Croker says:

Wanna rumble, kid?

Patrickbeyondthetoonroom Moore says:

Jambareeqi: Have you seen the trailer to the Happytime Murders and will you do a special review of it when it comes out? I also like to see you review Gingerclown as it has Tim Curry as a evil clown again but a puppet version.

Movies by Angel says:

Oh Jam, why do you torture yourself for our entertainment, lol.

James Coppock says:

Yes! I was really hoping that Jambareeqi would compare Garbage Pail Kids to South Park, another franchise that has a very dark sense of humour. How does South Park treat characters that are regarded as ugly? Anyway, it’ll be very interesting to see Jambareeqi review Thomas and the Magic Railroad. I loved Thomas when I was a kid but I always felt upset when I watched the movie.

Angela Fisher says:

Ben here.
Why did the video glitch at the subscribing clip?

Jamie Animations says:

hey jambareeqi how were you able to find that one image of Rod Amateau at 10:29? I cannot find a single image of him ANYWHERE! So how did you find that image?

Thomas Fletcher says:

This should be good…

Christian Schmude says:

Doug Walker’s least favorite movie ever…. just the footage just the clips just the edited sequences makes me want to heeve

Am2 Ace says:

Would you consider this to be the worst film you have reviewed on “Puppet Panic”?

Zac Quinn says:

Great review jam

Jamie Animations says:

At 11:07 there was an edit mistake. The “If you wannna subscribe to me click here” thing was not at the end.

General Horse says:

3:27 – 3:36 13 reasons why anyone?

Samuel Brent says:

Jambareeqi, do you like “The Fairly Oddparents” ?

baranguirus says:

Great review for an awful movie! 😉

Bruno, el niño rata a.k.a. vicky labor says:

Henson is so lovely!

Mr. Jack-o'-lantern says:

There was also a animated series after the movie

Will Carroll says:

Great review as always. If you don’t mind I have an idea for a Puppet Panic review. In response to the new Happytime Murders trailer just being released. I thought of an idea for an episode, instead of covering a movie, why not cover a TV show that features “adult” puppets. Nothing to long like The Muppet Show or Puppets Who Kill, I thought of Greg the Bunny both the short lived FOX sitcom and some of the IFC shorts. Whattya think?

joyunicycle says:

Oh no; it’s the movie that should never be named!

Jared Griffiths says:

10:29 he looks like Peter Sellers.

Jacob Below says:

I was simply DREADING the inevitable day when Puppet Panic would shine light on THIS movie. I think we’re ALL better off not knowing where the Garbage Pail Kids come from.

As for Thomas and the Magic Railroad, it might be the polar opposite of this movie in terms of tone, but that certainly doesn’t make it an easier watch (actually who am I kidding, practically ANYTHING is easier to watch than this train wreck).

Samuel Brent says:

Jambareeqi, do you like the Nintendo 64 or do you have mixed feelings for it like me?

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