Reliving KIDS with Harmony Korine

In this scene from EPICLY LATER’D, now-director Harmony Korine relives writing KIDS, his first ever script.

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Rage G P says:

The good old days ….kids now a days will have no clue what it was to Rome the streets or how to connect without a phone


The east coast 90’s skate scene was my life . I kicked it with Harold, J Nunez and the entire Zoo Crew. The Banks was the spot

WickedMo13 says:

Oblivion seekers

Станислав Мухортов says:

Make regard forward contribution stir precisely seven perception trial return pill.

FlatOutTonio - says:

Good Movie They Should Do A Remake

Wales Wideman says:

Love this movie

D. Felix Photo says:

To see my era and lifestyle depicted so accurately is awesome. Just meet up walk around meet people, fight, kick it and no one called you or had any idea where you were but the people you were around. Just sad that that moment was the end of that time. Literally, months later cell phones, Internet and things like that came into play and the summers were never the same.

Chesterette says:

2 minutes? Is there more to this?

Joe Walker says:

The dude that stopped that fight is a real hero before social media and the internet as we know it was around he went out there to save that guy knowing that he was risking himself and their would be no recognition from it. Nowadays most people would only something like that so they could post it on the internet so they could look like a hero.

MisterDAS says:

Love this movie

Twizz The Whiz Kid says:

My favorite scene is when those little kids are smoking bud.

Lorenzo Morales says:

Wt* did I just watched

azucarmorena5000 says:

harmony looks good.  was worried about him back in the day.

Ericizlike says:

I was just watching this a few days ago

251trioxin says:

Full length???

biobele william-west says:

That movie is gonna be awesome….

Ishmael C says:

That guys Javier Nunez looks like aw shit my kids are watching.

Jame Cehn says:

That was my life as a yungster

Annada Suon says:

This movie was the dopest

fallenbullseye says:

More please

D F says:

Casper was really living that life.Unfortunately,it’s also what took his life.


Oooh shit I actually remember that Brooklyn Banks shit. I thought they were gonna kill that kid. That’s when the skate scene was like the fucking Wild West. For real.

Jimmy Kazakos says:

I heard there is a rape scene in this movie smh

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