Snek Reviews: the Faith Kids Movie!

There’s a couple of places where the audio pops, and I have no idea how to fix it. Any advice on it will be greatly appreciated, and I hope you enjoy as I review what is probably the cringiest “movie” I have ever seen!


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Cloud-Dream says:

Eyup the graphics look seriously dated. They like like something out of early Second Life.

bakago says:

this encourages me to become an animator or atleast a director to animated films

The Masked Reviewer says:

pretty good review

Motmot The bot says:


RiNickulous Productions says:

I’ve been watching this movie and it’s taken me a week and I’m not done.
I’ve taken so many breaks, it’s that cringey!

Diva Nightrose-Goldsmith says:

While I am of the opinion that miraculous things have been done after the Apostles walked the Earth and am a firm believer in the concept of Free Will, the Faith Kids still take things out of context and they still made a terrible movie, with terrible characters and a terrible story. If they wanted a demon hunting story with a semi Biblical base, the Mortal Instruments and the Infernal Devices book series are far superior in terms of story and characters and are far superior in terms of writing. (I may disagree with some things presented in the works about the portrayal of Angels and who God is but in terms of good quality reading I still get a kick out of reading them. And I would definitely recommend them over the Faith Kids any day of the week.) Another example of a good “Christian” animated story with a good story and characters is the anime series TRIGUN and Trinity Blood. One was made by a devout Catholic and another was made by a Libertarian Diest at best (that’s what I gleam from him after reading the original novels) and they didn’t take the Bible out of context and they weren’t shoving an agenda at their audience they were focused on writing a good story with interesting characters and a compelling plot. Even J. R. R. Tolkien (while using his beliefs as a basis for his works) focused more on building the world and characters, history, languages and the conflicts in that world over shoving his beliefs down the throats of his audience.

Smutek na smutek says:

i think this movie is reverse psychology. it was made by satan to make believing people look so bad that everyone will turn away from god.
or creators of the movie are just idiots.
Go figure

Yared Réch says:

snek needs more subs, as for the movie, I would rather pay to see Ghostbusters than be payed to watch faith kids

PapaGarchomp says:

Why does Satan look like a bald robin from Barman and Robin?

Peppermint Scorpion says:

One thing I must ask is HOW did they get nominated in a FILM festival?! Heck, my attempts a 2D animation look better than this 3D mess!

Kayelee Sabey says:

I thought the base / headquarters was located under the church. I had to laugh at that because I was wondering if God put it there or if the pastur used church donations to build it in one night.

Catfish Sama says:

You might know everything I’m going to do! But that’s not going to help you, since I know everything you’re going to do! Strange isn’t it?!

Lugiamasterbrony says:

I swear I hear Glen Gregan’s voice in that movie…

Allen Klein says:

You need more subs.

Patrick Kelmer says:

2:14 Holy shit this crap is deep in the uncanny valley!

Caizo says:

Oh no, they have a movie.

The Poison Bucket says:

holy shit did they drop the rape bomb in kids entertainment??

The Masked Reviewer says:

hey do you have skype?

Liberty Prime says:

Could someone make a animation of The Faith Kids getting absolutely wrecked by a Crusader?

David Grover says:

Thanks for watching that so I won’t. I can just hear Mr. Plinket listing the problems of this show first “the Plot”. But your ending was perfect.
Is that the actual voice of the pastor character!? Poor voice casting. Sound can be more important than the visual. Send them a link to the ‪Getting sound to sound radder … with me, Bearing‬ video.

The Ascot Man says:

“No man can defeat us”
They straight up ripped that off from Tolkein with the whole witch king thing.

One Ditzy Brunette says:

Your head looks way to small compared to your body

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