Spy Kids 4: All the Time in the World – Movie Review by Chris Stuckmann

Film critic Chris Stuckmann reviews Spy Kids 4: All the Time in the World, starring Jessica Alba, Jeremy Piven, Joel McHale, Alexa Vega, Daryl Sabara, Rowan Blanchard and Mason Cook. Directed by Robert Rodriguez.


MrJakeboy24 says:

A future Hilariocity review? Also, have you seen the previous 3 films? They were some of my childhood favorites, but this movie I didn’t like. The only good thing was seeing Carmen and Juni again as adults!:)

ThatOneGinge says:

Spy Kids one was good… what happened???

Axel Redsteel says:

The message at the end was good… BUT the way it was done, and the rest of the movie was shit, only redeeming quality is ricky

Alex Pollock says:

I know this was a while ago but doesn’t Chris kind of sound like a kid in this video sometimes? But the whiney type.

Project: Filmmaker says:

1 was good
2 was better
3 was okay
4 was fucking terrible

Shark boy and lava girl was okay.

megan b says:

what about Idle Hands? Jessica Alba was in that and that movie was so good. Camp Nowhere another awesome film from the 90s and she’s in that too.

Just a Person says:


Rebel Flame says:

I DETEST that movie! Saw it in theaters and hated it.

Bento! says:

Whenever my mom and I go to a theater, we try to see what movies we’ll see next based on the trailers.

Zootopia: Really good

Secret life of pets: looks fun

Angry birds: BAD

Ice Age 5: No

Jungle book: looks fun.

Keep in mind this was my MOM talking about these.

Hurry Before it's deleted says:

I think 2011 was the year of good, ok, and TERRIBLE movies.

Pielover 123London says:

Classic Stuckmann.

Andrew Hooke '19 says:

i watched this on a flight (screens in the back of the seat) from newark to orlando for some reason…strangely it was the best flight i have ever flown, and this worst movie i had ever seen

Jackie Pierce says:

I read the title of the ep. fast…I thought he was reviewing all 4 Spy Kids.

Subhan Tariq says:

I hate that stupid thing

Tyler Harris says:

When you messed up your hair, you started to look like emo Peter Parker from Spider Man 3.

Fierrryyy says:

I think ill go to jail for saying this but i liked all the spy kids movies

Manuel The Awesome says:

+Chris Stuckman all I know is that The Little girl is Rowan Blanchard

The Waluigi says:

3:20 Now the movie has turned him into an emo.

BronzeAlive says:

The first two are the only ones that are bearable

Ayush Narain says:

Guilty pleasure for me

batmom05 says:

this looks like a CGI mess

Mackenzie McGowan says:

You know what the worst part is? This smell gimmick isn’t even a new thing! When I was little, I saw Rugrats Go Wild in theaters and Burger King was giving out these little scratch and sniff cards specifically for this movie. This idea was old in 2003!

The FirstBourne says:

Rewatching some of the scenes, I don’t know why I even enjoyed that thing.

Lawrence Ovah says:

this was by far the worst movie of all time, I saw it and I could not tell you guys how much I begged for it to end, no offense to those who like this movie, it’s just my opinion.

Noah !! says:

My uncle was in this movie. I still dislike it though.

God of Evil says:

Yep fucken awful movie I only like the first one a little bit but this is fucken AWFUL!!!!

CopiousCandy11 says:


Donovan Davila says:


Popped Corn says:

Never forgetti Chris’s old intro

The james channel says:

so glad I didn’t see this movie even though 2011 me wanted to

BronzeAlive says:


J Sauson says:

Kind of bummed to hear you say you had to look up Robert Rodriguez’s filmography. It’s definitely a weird filmography though. He’s done ultra violent films like “El Mariachi,” “Desperado” and has made other incredible films like “From Dusk Til Dawn,” “Planet Terror,” “Sin City”. I personally loved “The Faculty” too. “Once Upon a Time in Mexico” I wasn’t the biggest fan of but I still thought it was decent.

But his kids films, not for me.

introverted guy says:

I have never seen number 3&4

The Idiot Named Joe says:

When I was like 6, I really liked this movie, but now, I think it should be fucking buried at the bottom of the ocean.

Henry L says:

Looking back in retrospect 2011 was a horrible year for kids movies, not only was there this but there was also the smurfs, cars 2, gnomeo and Juliet, ….Mars needs moms…. oh god

Lewis M.A.A says:

I was 5 when I saw this and I even knew that the only reason why this was made was the smell

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