Spy Kids 4D movie review

The Spy Kids franchise returns after about a decade in not just 3D, but 4D!!!!!!! but what is 4D, and was it worth the wait or even worth seeing? Jeremy breaks it down for you.

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Betta66 says:

“That’s always cool – when you haven’t seen some kid actor for, like, a decade, and then you see her again and you’re like ‘Aw, dude, she’s hot now’.”

Exhibit B: the girl who played the president’s daughter in Spy Kids 2

Thomster24 says:

Jeremy looks like he is about to die when reviewing this movie

Manuel The Awesome says:

I cant Belive Disney channel 3 Minutes before They Put it on The channel whhy?? They could’ve put on one of their Real disney movies

Cameron Christie Plays says:

Spy Kids: Good time no alcohol
Spy Kids 2: Worth buying on blu-ray
Spy Kids 3: Good time with alcohol
Spy Kids 4: Dogs**t

Animator Estevan says:

spy kids: Awesome
spy kids 2: Good
spy kids 3: ok
spy kids 4: TERRIBLE

Mygingerguy says:

Here’s my ratings for these films:

Spy Kids: 6/10
The Island of Lost Dreams: 5/10
3-D – Game Over: When I was a kid- 8/10, a decade later- 0/10
4-D – All the time in the world: 0/10 – I fucking dodged it.

A Spy says:


Ainslie Hunter says:

Spy Kids is one of my favourite child hood films. I don’t like the movies much anymore, but I love the memories of wanting to be a spy kid. This movie makes me want to die.

Suicidal Loaf of Bread says:

The thing is, the story is total bullshit because time is relative

Jack Spratt says:

You have some crazy nostrils, Jer.

Brian the Trainer says:

this is why my siblings are morons they all saw it and now they’re retarded little shit, this movie should burn in he’ll

Nikodimos Triaridis says:

“Which is kinda cool, you know, when you haven’t seen a kid actor for decades now and when you see them again you realise they’re kinda hot.”
*awkwardly stares at MacCulley Culkin*

Flying V says:

1 was great
2 was great
3 was great
4 was ok

Mirror 147 says:

There is NO fucking 4D

Neo Machine says:

God, 5 years feels so long, yet so short.

Garbage Gang says:

I saw this shit when I was 12
I thought it was dog shit
I remember only like 7 other people were there
It was on its release day

Death Wolf says:

I still liked the movie better than spy kids 3

IntrepidVoyagerWrestling says:

Spy Kids: Terrible.
Spy Kids 2: Worse.
Spy Kids 3: Even Worse.
Spy Kids 4: I feel offended.

Keith Holder says:

hi Mr. j .j if you do you like the spy kids film series I will definitely be called the street fighter characters to bring you down

bulltrunch says:

First two are the best but the rest sucked. Lol I agree she’s hot.

jeff says:

has jessica alba ever made a good movie once other than sin city

Ashley Franklin says:

I knew it was going to suck it had a different cast

TheCamProject says:


Wyatt shoemaker says:

I hated the original spy kids too. So thankfully I missed out on this one.

Mr George says:

Hey, at Jessica Alba is hot in a jumpsuit…..but thats all……ok not really….this movie was garbage…..eeeeeeeeh

Lambo Rocksstrikesback says:

spy kids its a good time no alcohol required
spy kids 2 worth buying on blue ray
spy kids 3 awesometacular
spy kids 4 dogshit

AnimeFantic 3000 says:

Did this movie invent Jeremy’s Dogsh!t ranking?

BigAlsAngryBirdVids says:

Naturally, people are gonna complain about the 4th installment of a franchise.

Home Alone 4,

The Phantom Menace (It was the 4th Star Wars made, technically),

Now this.

What do people have against 4th installments?

Wait a minute… Let me go check something…

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