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Jacob has never seen SPY KIDS. Instead he grew up with Sky High, because he had a sad childhood that shaped him into the garbage person he is today. I was very curious to see if Jacob would stick behind Sky High or switch teams and adopt Spy Kids into his life. As far as I’m concerned, it’s one of the best kids movies I ever saw growing up. That said, does it hold up at all? Or is it a big ol’ goof fest?

This is an audio commentary ONLY. It is meant to be watched along with the movie so you can raise or lower the volume on the commentary or the movie itself as you wish.


Manos Perpinakis says:

paul mccartney is still alive

NSBCest.2017 D says:

When they played the show backwards that scared me so bad when I was a kid. It was stuck in my head for weeks “floop is a madman help us save us.”

rrlanz says:

Back when Hollywood took risks with wacky original scripts/pitches.

Fuckin Rory says:

uh paul mccartney died???

Hoodie Jesus says:

It was bob Weinstein’s were not gonna let him ruin it

Katelyn Brule says:

I just realized why I say oh shiitake mushrooms all the time!

Aliza Fatima says:

The thumbs used to scare me when I watched this as a child

Its Muffin Time says:


Gabri Ell says:

I agree 100% with the title!

Rekken 200 says:

1996 babies where we at

Weedo says:

10:05 what! guy who killed paul mccartney i thing you are mixin him up with john lennon

Fuckin Rory says:

they put a mustache for cheech because his old mustache in cheech and chong duh

charles jenkins says:

i love this shit

awsome person says:


The Legend says:

This was every late 90’s/early 2000’s kids dreams lol. This was just the coolest shit back in the day where the most advanced tech that was out there was a home computer barely capable of running minesweeper and giant projector televisions. So every kid loved the spy gadgets and the toys we begged our parents to get a toys r us

h2Es says:

These guys are legit so funny

master hacker plays says:

Spy kids nearly predicted The circle game trend 0:54

Tod Trashman says:

You see those cg thumb abominations? They’re r e a l

Chris Nighthawk says:

By the time he had jest “What is this, The Weasleys’?” I had lost my shit.

V0RT3X Gaming says:

John Lennon

The Player Formerly Known as Mousecop says:

“Did it say harvey weinstein?” “NOOOOOOO”

Gavin Coria says:

“You guys like Bruce Campbell he’ll spank you”

Josh Elderkin says:

fuck sky high

Chris Seaver says:

what i thought of the Spy Kids movies.
1.Spy Kids was an okay movie
2.Spy Kids 2 a good movie(definatly better than the first)
3.Spy Kids 3 was my favorite and by far the best one
4.(now i don’t know if it is considered number 4)Spy kids: All the Time in The World, was kind of a disappointment . When i first watched it, i didn’t like it. I felt like this was a terrible movie, better than the 1st but still not very good.

Allesandro Martinez says:

The fuck is ohgeesy doing there

Faith Nelson says:

9:43 *SUGAR GAY**

Sauchy! says:

Do shark boi already wtf

Gnomes? says:

These are lit af

IronicPlague says:

Floop gang

Nefepants says:

Sky High and Spy Kids are both great movies, nice clickbait title though.

IAMHAPPY5290 says:


ProJatior says:

If this film didn’t have so many conveniences it would be a great movie. It falls a bit short but I love it. Kids movies can fall a little short though.



Fake hip hop says:

Do you guys have a podcast??

guadalupe flores says:

You guys are fucking hilarious

Idubbz Fan says:

I watched spy kids all the time

Aion Zurvan says:

this movie is my childood…is this sad?


Hell nah.

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