Steve Reviews: Animal Farm

Today we look at another ‘kids’ film which really isn’t a kids film. Though looking like something from the Disney studios, this little gem was actually part funded by the CIA to promote anti-communism. As a result it features a lot of dark themes and frequent animal violence, but is an interesting film none the less!


Corto Maltese says:

I couldn’t give less of a shit about Orwell, his political beliefs, or the original intent behind the film. I enjoyed your review of it anyways.

Rose M. Gottschalk says:

kim jong un?

dylfs says:

Is it bad that this reminds me of my childhood? :X

sure xavage says:

Do ur research

-nicotine patches- says:

I don’t think that it’s a children’s movie. The animals represent actual people. Like:
The dogs-NKVD

bikingcat says:

go to a bad place you piece

rees cantdance says:

Ok I’ll fucking watch youtube


Fucked up

Kade Daivis says:

It’s boxer not buster just an annoying technicality

Jack Donovan says:

Almost like it’s a fucking Orwell novel and an allegory for communism. Do your research

Jackaljack Infinity says:

The purpose of the movies had to do with the working class and the upper class. The pigs represent the upper class and the other farm animals represent the working class.

Ninebreaker says:


Jaci Barlow says:

Omg this is sad

ThE_BoI_WhO_M3M3d_w1Th0Ut_pr0TEct10ñ says:

There,I watched it,now stop recommending it to me YT.

pan tic says:

I only see in this movie nazis and capitalists no comunists

Chet Hawley says:

All of these fuckin historians lmao

Stephen Lofton says:

The pigs are an amalgamation of Russian Jews and various elites. But mostly Russian Jews.

MOSKAU says:

Dr. jones???? you mean indy?

Záncibar says:

It’s a great film for anyone over 16.

Kyoji Kasshu says:

i read the book and saw the movie in high school, the ending was way different. the animals never took back the farm, instead they watched in horror as they peered through the window watching the pigs and farmers having some sort of get together and the animas could not tell the pigs and farmers apart, that was the end. the book is way more famous than the movie, it was a really good read and in highschool we would have serious discussions about the book and everyone was super into it. some students loved the book so much we all not only dedicated a wall for boxer the horse, but started reading 1984. it is a great book pin pointing Communism sounds good on paper, but it will never work out, there will always be those who will try to take power and nothing will ever be equal.

InfernoNick17 says:

..So this animated movie existed 64 years ago before I was even born 39 years later from it? Yikes…I’m glad I was born decades later, and didn’t see the live movie of it. Otherwise…well, best I do not think about it.

Weston Keown says:

You know, we have have a thing in America called manifest Destiny and it involves nonstop assimilation and superior attitude against low lifes and small cultures that is kinda what we think against communists and native americans (google the Indian wars it’s pretty screwed up)

Flying Trixster FT says:

It rated u

sol jwf says:

Of course it’s an anticommunist propaganda flick because the book it’s based on is anticommunist

Logan Minnehan says:

I think the cartoon ending was more upbeat for the audience, however I think the ending in the book was much stronger. At the time, Animal farm sent a good political message. However today, it will be looked at as a disturbing cartoon (and book), not to say we can’t learn anything from this.

Archbishop Mactasty says:

During the start of the cold war and yet it came out nearly a decade after it started

Walking Stash says:

Personally I didn’t know of the book but apparently it’s one of the current GCSE Texts in English Literature. As soon as Napoleon took over and made the pigs seem like Dicatators I was like, oh here’s someone trying to push another agenda…

Trey Mase says:

He’s calling it a “kids” movie because of when he saw it, he explicitly says in the opening that he watched it as a child, and the art style looks very Disney esque.

Ariel_Heiwajima says:

I cannot express how many times I had to watch this in school during History and my Cold War class

Liberty Prime says:


Noah Jame says:

I think Snowball respondents a communist leadership and Napoleon a fascist one.

ZanePlayz says:

Im calling the swat to kill the pigs

xj770HUN says:

In this movie the pigs was the communist party, with a flavor of nazism.

look at me i am from Canada says:

Trosty? Fuck’s sake

Cønnør J says:

Ohhhh I remember watching this, man I don’t remember it being that dark ._.

billybick tubbie says:

Watch the care bares? BITCH NAH

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