Teen Titans Go! To The Movies – Doug Reviews

It’s a big hit with kids, but how does Teen Titans Go please adults. Doug takes a look at Teen Titans Go! To The Movies and sees if this is a superhero movie worth flying in for.

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Parker Hertigan Tengo Hambre says:

Don’t ever compare Teen Titans Go to SpongeBob. Ever.

1multiverse says:

It has a lot of nostalgia moments (songs, etc), and jokes for adults, a lot of easter eggs for DC and Marvel!!! When Robin push the parents into crime alley……and he turns his back and you see the white flashes (meaning gun shots): I was laughing so hard!!!
And…….I think this is the only movie where Stan Lee makes 2 (3?) cameos!!!!! Some children where laughing too to the dum jokes (the utility belt movie, etc)….so I think it was a good movie to pass the time!!!

Thomas Cremens says:

151,873rd view

Skeletor The Almighty says:

le big gay

TheAngelo55 says:

I’m only liking this for the opening!

theguyintheworks says:

You guys can hate teen titans go all you want, I hate the show as well, just dont harass people who actually like it because then it makes the haters and the original teen titans community look bad.

UNDEADbeast 04 says:

Rip teen titans D,X

Dale Peters says:

The show also has some pretty clever jokes and gags. Usually one or two per episode.

Garuu popka says:

I see doug is trying to be “hip”

Jonathon Lilbourne says:

If the movie dose well we get season 6 of teen titans the original I believe

anthony mccoy says:

The movie was good it felt like a long TTG episode

Алексей Чубаров says:

TTG: Waffles,Waffles,Waffles,Waffles,Waffles,Waffles…(about 1000 times)
TT: Evil beware… We have waffles!
End of story

Leg Lheeghen says:


The Mystic Silverfish says:

so is doug reviews nostalgia critic but any movie and less acting

Israel Flores says:

Nostalgia Critic needs to cover the movie.

VALENTINEproductions says:

Teen Titans Go isn’t my demographic either but I liked the movie. I saw it at he WB screening room and the best thing to come up in the movie was he very beginning with the new old school looney tunes WB logo opening. Also the Stan Lee cameo was a good idea that played a little too long.

Anna Rin says:

I use to love teen titans but teen titans go….*inhales*..I honestly don’t mind it nor do i hate it. I just watch it to see the gem jokes hidden in the throw away jokes

Frank Steven Levanduski says:

I got an add for a DBZ game and i legit thought the thumbnail went super saiyan blue for a second there

Leif Herring says:

Spongebob was hilarious and legendary

Gabe Hasfurther says:

I agree with Doug. I watched Teen Titan Go occasionally since my little cousin loves it and yeah, when the jokes involve and poke fun at the Titan’s actual character the jokes land HARD. But we are getting less and less of those jokes as the series goes on which goes to show where cartoon network is headed. It’s just disappointing…

RPG Tour Guide Jr says:

I’m Batman
Batman returns
Batman forever

Garuu popka says:

Im glad to be a grown adult who is okay with kids having fun with cartoons

Leg Lheeghen says:

But literally though I personally like your opinion on this

awsome cop show fan says:

Doug there is a season 6 of teen titans coming soon you can play ode to joy now

Noah Williams says:

Doug, I don’t think you realize just how much cartoon network plays teen titans go

Yakuno Hayashi says:

Doug. You should be prepared for something worst: the fucking new version of Thundercats. It’s called Thundercats Roar. It will be released 2019 and it’s gonna suck

musicpriest22 says:

It is refreshing to see some one actually being objective to teen titans go. Also, the word you were looking for is meta. It is a joke about a joke, or a self referencing joke. The plot of the movie is self referencing because it is a movie about him wanting to be in a movie. Titans go does this sort of thing all the time.

Smashing Pots says:

This comment section is riddled with butthurt Ameriamae fans, i dont get it.

Professor Alfredo says:

People who hate Teen Titans Go waste their time, man
Just a harmless show doing its job

Bill lupin says:

I don’t hate TTG because I was a fan of the original show. Actually, I thought the original show was mediocre compared with Avatar, or Samurai Jack.
I hate this show for two reasons.
1. They show it all the time. CN pumps all of its resources into TTG because it’s cheap, and produces many episodes for their money. Like Johnny Test. Remember Johnny Test, and how much people loved that?
2. They say it’s “for kids.” That’s insulting. I WAS a kid once. I had Batman TAS, Tiny Toons, and Animaniacs. This show isn’t for kids. Or rather, it’s for a certain kind of kid. The sort of kid babysat by the TV while mommy gets her krunk on, daddy having left years ago.

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