TEEN TITANS GO! TO THE MOVIES REVIEW 2018 – We’re back with another Double Toasted review and today we have a funny movie review for the new animated film called Teen Titans Go! To the movies. The movie, based on the kids cartoon tv show follows Robin on his Journey to have his own movie created. In this video, we look at the trailer and talk briefly about the tv show before going in depth in our reaction to this movie. The film is doing well with critics on Rotten tomatoes but how will the Double Toasted crew find it? Find out in this funny video. And, as always, leave your thoughts on the film down below in the comment section.

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Kireeti says:

Post credit scene confirms Teen Titans season 6. Yay!!

thesupervader400 says:

I agree with Martin, this movie looks terrible and since this whole movie is supposed to be about bashing other franchises that are better than this movie, I;m definitely going to skip this movie.

anthony cheesman says:

Kids movies always split korey and Martin lol

Darryl Jack says:


Emilio Lira says:

i hope this film does well at the box office

Drew Dahlen says:

see I never really loved the batman lego movie and the trailer never thrilled me..the teen titans go trailer made me laugh a couple times and I dont watch the show..im not gonna get it on bluray but ill rent it on ppv,lol!..lego batman was too singy and they did beat jokes to death..lol! is this movie the same?

malcolm adderley says:

This is a good series very tongue in cheek unlike the upcoming live action abomination! Ahhh its Crackheads Fred Durst in the cheap seat, hide your grandmama’s jewelry and TV sets.

Drew Gars says:

Hey, if it’s getting good reviews, then I guess we’ll probably get that new season.

Gyp-F says:

Korey, you are right about this. I started watching this because my son liked it. Now I just watch it for fun.


Was that yachty?

Ethic Ethnic says:

Well I understand the hate, its like if you turned the Dark Knight into Family Guy. Or rebooted Avatar the Last Airbender into a South Park like show. Also considering Marvel/Disney has been putting out quality films for the past 10 years, & Warner Brothers/ DC has been putting out a rushed-universe, & duds, the last thing DC needs is turning its animated properties into Spongebob. DC films aren’t being taken seriously by general movie-goers, critics, or fans. This is the last thing they should be doing.

Aire the Kindred fox says:

I’m surprised by how this movie actually made burst out laughing I can’t believe I’m saying this but I liked this movie. The jokes were funny and the animation has improved with the backgrounds. Some of the songs were catchy and loved how the Titans are aware of why they are unlikable and that alone is funny and a bit satisfying. So I’ll give this movie a 7/10 but that doesn’t mean I like the show. The show still gets on my nerves but at least some episodes were descent and funny. I recommend this movie to people with a taste of cartoon comedy.

diamond says:

When i saw the reviews on rotten tomatos all i could say was “WHAT THE FUCK”

setokaiba200x says:

Korey… go home, you drunk dude….

Chukwudubem Okocha says:

Bruh if Justice League(2017) was stupid this movie is mentally retarded. Korey talking some mad shit on this one. This self mocking garbage will never be as good as any live action dc movie.

CCubedStudios says:

(After listening to Martin’s thoughts on the movie) So…Incredibles 2 doesn’t sound so bad now, doesn’t it Martin?

The One Man Who Beat You says:

11:09 Holy shit, this is a kid’s movie?

Xanstrom says:

you guys would be great on an episode of best of the worst. or anything on redlettermedia

Windwalker88 says:

I kinda wanna see it now

serenityq26 says:

crap show = crap movie. there you go, i just saved you 22 minutes and 8 bucks

shadowXtras says:

All the comments I see is how everyone hates TTG is because they take the time slots all the time. Yes it was oversaturated before but now it gives other shows some air time as well. So enough with that excuse already.

Clhoe Johnson says:

I had zero expectations but it surprised the shit out of me. I really liked it even though I dont really like the show. Plus that after credits scene hyped me up. Even though they might just be messing with us

Penknight Davis says:

I get the feeling that this dude didn’t actually like it

TOK150 says:

Before watching the video let me guess. He was drunk again, fell asleep in the middle, woke up and crazy wierd shit was happenin, right?

Army1601 says:

Have all these people commenting saying they agree with Martin, actually seen the movie? I don think so…. lest we forget, its Martkn we re talking about here, Im more likely to dislike a film he typically likes. If its anything like Lego Batman, Im looking forward to this.

MrZurata says:

You’d have to be an idiot to think they’re not bringing back the old show at this point. Its textbook marketing strategy akin to New Coke from the 80s. You take away the old product, introduce a new shittier/cheaper product and have people constantly shill for it while actively antagonizing the consumer.

Then when tensions are at their highest (movie release) you hit em with the news that the old product is coming back! I guarantee you that Classic Titans (™) will be on the DCs new streaming service and it alone will push subscriptions. People who angrily shit on the TTG for the past 5 years will crawl over each other to give DC money all while thinking their outcry convinced the evil cartoon executives despite doing the most predictable thing imaginagle. Consumers are some of the dumbest people alive

Justin R says:

I give it a low matinee some jokes fall flat and some of it was for the die-hard DC fans, and the end (thnk god i got the bootleg).

platy95 says:

Why’s Korey trying so hard to sell this movie lol

Pimp Lotion says:

Vampwatch1462 says:

Most of this sounds like it just cribbed jokes and comedy tropes from better films and shows. I’m not sure what Korey is going on about.

Toonex Media says:

It would’ve been better if this whole series was a reboot of loonatics unleashed

Jaxson Shoemaker says:

So this is the Lego Batman of 2018

The Stegman says:

People who hate this show are just still salty cause it’s not the old show. Let it go.

Quas FM says:

The movie is ok. This style of humor works best as a short burst (like a 15 show) movie length kind of pushes it.

Phantom Atom Films says:

The baby hands joke was referenced twice before it was paid off in the form of a plot device the third time it was referenced. That’s the hallmark of good humor. It wasn’t “5 times”

001monkeylove says:

It’s just a long Teen Titans Go! episode given a Hollywood budget, stretched out into a feature film. Just wait for this to come on Cartoon Network.

Maridia Monroe says:

I’ve seen the show…like, 24/7 on Cartoon Network, but…wow. I never thought I’d see this.

Also, they do that self-deprecation thing all the time on the show.

CUF17 says:

“Manic and annoying.” Describes Teens titans go perfectly.

Butterfly Queen says:

I can’t wait to see it!!!!

Well my daughter and I!

Lefty says:

If I was 10, I may get a chuckle out of the movie.


So WAG can only make a good movie if it’s self-referential (This, TLM, TLBM). This wasn’t a complete waste of time but they really have to stretch.

Maddie B. says:

So a movie based on a mediocre cartoon show currently holds a higher RT score than most of the DCEU.

Let that one sink in for a sec…

Gustavo Ortiz says:

Damn Nicholas Cage also suppose to be a surprise guest in Sony’s Spider-Man

newv newv says:

This movie can burn in hell.

Maximus Prime says:

Its funny in the Titans comic, the characters hated the idea of having a cartoon based on themselves like this.

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