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The footage and images featured in the video were for critical review and parody, which are protected under the Fair Use laws of the United States Copyright act of 1976.


Caleb Waller says:

2:10 the 80s predicted bronies and Mlp fim

The Pickliest Pickle says:

1:25 I saw these cards in our closet at like age 8 and I started crying. Keep in mind it’s the closet where we keep our towels and shampoo and junk. Why would that… even be there?

Nassim Azzam says:

The worst movie ever made
– nostalgia critic

Fenix971_ says:

“She played him like a fucking fiddle”

Bobtherunt says:

I used to collect the cards….

Canis Mortem says:

Have you reviewed Freddy Got Fingered? I was watching Phantom Strider and he said it’s the only movie worse than the Garbage Pail Kids XD.

Pixel Games And Stuff says:


Han Yolo says:

8:44 those fucking eyes what the fuck man

Disney Lioness says:

Omg I think this is the worst movie ever

ST Spider says:

This is horrifically dumb

Daniel Stone says:

FYI, there was no “game” garbage pail kids cards were just collectible cards with weird gross pictures on them.

Madokai says:

You should put the Maniac Magee Movie on here, there is no trace of it except on youtube though.

sparkfirehot says:

Back then I use to collect those cards as a kid

Lil Ant -SEE DESC- says:

take out the Bullshit Pail Kids = a BETTER movie…>•< I hate this movie so much... Too much gross-out "humour"

WillieManga says:

The cards were damn creative… which is why this movie sucks; the creativity was completely lost.

Luigi Nastro says:

The 80s were very strange years.

Nathan Schwabenland says:

this could qualify as the dark souls of movies

Bryan Sanchez says:

i actually really liked this movie as a kid for some reason. I haven’t seen it in years, but i would still enjoy if i watched it again. It wasn’t scary or boring or anything, it was weird but that’s what i liked about it i guess.

Newprofiename says:

The alligator’s mouth is open because it’s enternaly screaming because it knows it’s in this shit movie

-Lumin says:

Shit, there’s a piss in my stomach.

Leila E says:

When Dodger was pulled into a hug ( 4:42) with tangerine his face went into her cleavage… Ew

Mike Jones says:

bad movies are a part of the 80’s. it’s a fucking garbage pail kids movie, of course it’s bad it’s supposed to be bad!!! anyone thinking otherwise is totally fucked in the head especially this guy reviewing this who obviously lived through the 80s but I guess that’s what happens when your a stuffy British sounding cunt

MyChannelNameIsAwsome says:

I have the movie but its all scratches up

Nathan Schwabenland says:

At the very beginning of the movie its anything with child abuse in it

lucas Rodriguez says:

5:11 the funniest thing ever when he added in the fake screaming.

Jesus Christiano says:

Anthony Newley=Poundland Dudley Moore. Mackenzie Astin=Sean “Lord of the rings” Astin’s Brother.

Ms Anonymous says:

I like how that weird 50s one smiles


The only good, legitimate actor in the entire movie is the antique shop owner, so seeing him leave is agony!

Hanlin Riddle says:

I was scared to death just to watch this video. THATS HOW BAD THE MOVIE IS.

Simon Woods says:

Is this… The biggest atrocity in the history of all cinema? I think it is. It is the celluloid embodiment of Hell.

Mr AA says:

Next from Atlanta Studios is Monopoly the movie

Liam Oswald says:

ty for da warning

Bryan Sanchez says:

okay yeah, maybe this movie wasn’t that good. still would watch again for shits n giggles

WillieManga says:

The worst thing ever just so happens to have the best actor ever.

Kevin Escoto says:

hehehe fuc

Robo Kip says:

7:52 is it just me or is than the set from the Super Mario Bros. Super Show?

NUTRIENTS 007 says:

These things were plastered all over my wall when I moved houses and Jesus Christ my kid self hated them

artawesome30 says:

Still leagues above The Amazing Bulk and Shark Exorcist. At least they were trying here. And it had some production value. And also, while poor, passable cinematography. At least from what I can tell. Idk after Shark Exorcist, everything looks like Kubrick masterpiece.

Sullivan Scandi says:

My God

Mr. Mothman says:

Best movie ever

Just Some Guy Ok says:

To be fair, he says he does not find her pretty anymore because he now knows her personality is so ugly. It’s a horrible movie, but I thought that part was obvious.

P. Roud Tobi Mi says:

The kid finding the woman “not pretty” anymore probably plays to the fact, that her personality faults and horrible actions made her less attractive to him. He liked her, because she was hot but probably learned to like the personality she showed him much more. But in the end he sees that her looks is all there is to her, and that alone doesn’t make her attractive, or “pretty” to him. I say attractive, because it fits better but a kid wouldn’t use that word.

super bulziken says:

most of the cards in 1:49 are dutch

Alexander Ip says:

7:45 Negative word of mouth was the main cause for the cataclysmic ratings

cheezemonkeyeater says:

“You know, your usual cinema experience.”
That’s why I don’t go to movies very often anymore.

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