The Legacy of Larry Clark’s KIDS 20 Years Later

BAMcinemaFest celebrates the 20th anniversary of the seminal independent film KIDS with a filmmaker and cast reunion. The Q&A was moderated by film critic Eric Hynes and featured director Larry Clark, co-writer Harmony Korine, actors Chloë Sevigny, Leo Fitzpatrick, and Rosario Dawson, producer Cary Woods, and distribution executive Eamonn Bowles (president of Magnolia Pictures).

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Dougie Jones says:

I saw this film unintentionally when i was younger(still a kid) from a babysitter who was watching it for some reason…. The first scene of the film shocked the hell out of me…But now, as an indie film maker at age 24, I think it’s actually kind of brilliant as a come of age film for adults… Nothing against the filmmakers and actors, but i’ll never watch it again… It has taught me a lot and enough of what i needed to know in my personal life and in the modern film industry.

Thank you guys…always…

bigtux11 says:

Where’s the whole footage?!

Isiah Hodge says:

it’s also very interesting  how the film from a visual standpoint (even though  unintentionally) is the precursor for how a lot of us document our lives constantly today through social media.

CPR says:

Which one was Harold?

Liamggbb123 says:

I know it would never get passed but they should make a modern version of it.

pinktaco646 says:

Wheres Darcy?

Thomas Locke says:

I wonder what happened to the girl who played Darcy, Yakira Peguero? She is in the last half of the movie.

BxGirl Blazin' says:

Movie sucked.

Adam Salaam says:

It’s would awesome if they did an aftermath story of the characters such as a sequel.

My Name is SickBoy says:

I really like this movie.some scenes reminds me of old times.

MrWilmerValderrama says:

this is fascinating. any plans to upload the full panel?

ArquivosOfficial says:

Rosario Dawson <333333 Daredevil, iron fist The best!!!

sick of it all says:

So blessed to be born in ’74. Generation X never ages. All rage. The soundtrack to KIDS changed my soul.

BXG Thomas says:

This movie KIDS was in the mix of films that my parents showed me on the dangers of unprotected sex and how not to act as a teenager lol

Mn B says:

The worrying thing about the film is how realistic it is.

teenagedream24 says:

rip justin and harold..

Kamar Felix says:

the two many characters CASPER AND TEDDY aren’t even there rip justin aka casper

The Watlingtons says:

i was maybe 9 when this movie came out..
and i’ve seen it several times….each time get more wicked with age.

Delonne Burrell says:

Wait….Harold died????????

forgotaboutdres says:

big hit man

H Dellamorte says:

where’s the full Q&A? I hate snippets!

Jiszelle New says:

R. I. P Justin Peirce, aka Casper.

SoJustCool says:

for it’s time it had such a documentary feel to it that it literally didn’t cross my mind too often that these were kids acting…

Kamar Felix says:


Ishbu101 says:

EVerybody’s got a stick up their ass nowdays and they are way too conservative to make a movie like this.

JD Chase says:

How terrible and heartbreaking that people behave the way the kids in this movie did! Treat people with respect and treat them the way that you wish to be treated!

Jermaine Burgess says:

was 14 when it came out this was how life was for me at the jersey shore whites, blacks ,and Puerto Rican 40’s blunts and girls man I had a fun childhood

crayzmarc says:


A E S T H E T I C Vegan says:

Is it just the middle three that were actors in the movie?

Josh K says:

I’m 30 , was like 8 when this came out, prolly the same age as the little kids smoking on the couch in the movie . I grew up on long island taking the train to skate in nyc as a teen and this is one of my all time fav movies. didn’t see it until I was like 18 tho

DigitalSmokeStudios1 says:

Seriously though, where the heck is the rest of this footage? Is it for purchase on dvd? It’s not on the site. If I filmed this, the entire thing would be up in no more than 2 weeks. It’s been half a year & we are waiting for the rest of it. Please upload the rest of it or contact someone who can because this is priceless material.

cmartichick M says:



Its one of the best movies Ive seen ever. Saw it first on MTV when I was 11 and I still watch it today at 25!

Brandon Thorpe says:

This is so surreal. I fucking love Harmony Korine like he’s family or something. That’s crazy sounding. I live in london Ky, I used to drink cough medicine all day and try to recreate Harmony Korine movies in my little town. Dumb, but still.. huge fan. I got myself in all kinds of insane situations just pretending to be someone I wasn’t. The Sigil of the Cloven Hoof Marks thy Path.

SoJustCool says:

P.S. This is the last video my boyfriend ever saw. He loved this movie too….R.I.P. to my man…4/21/83-6/17/16

skywlkr says:

Why isn’t there more??????

laura valentina says:

I first saw this on VHS Pioneer studio version the first scene of Telly & blonde girl (girl #1) there was a long camera view of them of him devirgnizing her with her saying more during that and it was a longer scene and as the film went on to Telly & Darcy talking poolside there was 2 flashbacks of the first scene of Telly & blonde girl and then I saw it on DVD trimark studio version the first scene shorter and only 1 flashback

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