What the HELL is Sir Billi? (An Inappropriate Kids Movie) | A Review

Whose idea was it to combine adult jokes and references with a KIDS movie? And why would Sean Connery turn down Disney and Pixar to do THIS garbage? This movie is truly a mystery…

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Vitaliy Kormov says:

Love that Deja Vu scene

Dühl says:

imagine being named humphrey without being some rich white boy whose name has beau somewhere in it

Verum says:

What perplexes me is that this movie was produced by two women – who went with all the sexualised female characters. Are they just gay or did they do that expecting little boys to like it? In that case it’s pretty fucked up.

Ashendoll says:

Clicked on this video, heard the lines “… pushed the film as something that Scotland should be proud of…”

Me, a Scot: Oh no.

Crippling DededepressionTM says:

Me: **hysterically laughter while casual music plays in the background**

Yea No says:

I became extremely uncomfortable after the juicy kiss shenanigans

The Gibus Player says:

You Got A Friend In …

Omaha Beach That Was Killed By MG42 Fire During The D Day Invasion

```Mr.Sanchezz``` says:

g i v e p a p a a j u i c y D I C K S U C K

Kylie Moore says:

Hey saberspark! You should totally review the movie “doogal”AKA “the magical roundabout” ! It came out in 2005 and feels like some sort of strange fever dream but I vividly remember it being popular and sponsored by McDonalds and them making toys.

Hello Im Clark YT says:

i heard peter capaldi in the cop transportation scene

Saberspark says:

Can you believe that Sean Connery turned down both Disney and Pixar to do THIS film? Seriously, the guy is nuts. Also special thanks to Salty for editing this video!

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I clop to mlp porn says:

He should’ve tried to make a live action comedy like the Toxic avenger.

Gabriel Kellar says:

Why isn’t this at least rated pg?

TheArtfulDodger says:


Beth Bagel says:

16:24 *T H A T S A L O T O F D A M A G E, U S E F L E X T A P E T O F I X T H A T*

Crafty the Raccoon HTF says:

11:00 “Kill Billi”?

Dio Brando says:

This dude was my first reaction pic ever

TheArtfulDodger says:

Also, it would be resentment for the English (mainly), Scotland is part of Britain

John Doe says:

You know I forgot until I saw this that Alan Cummings was Scottish.
What a point of pride to do this movie with Connery, I mean with all due respect if Sean’s career wasn’t killed by League of Extraordinary Gentlemen this put it in the grave and poured dirt over it. And that interview where he defended it wow, just wow. Good riddance indeed.

Darian Carter says:

ok heres how things would have when if i saw this garbage.
my mom: ok D lets go watch this movie!
me: yay!

we get in the car and drive to the theaters(idk ok)

my mom: ok D we are here
me: i cant wait!

we get tickets, snacks, and drinks.

my mom: ok its starting!
me: shh its starting.

title screen comes on
my mom: ok D lets go.

awsomness Productions says:

You should review dorbees

K F says:

No, NOOOO!!!!!

Vicente Lopez says:


Gavin Brockschmidt says:

the goat walks like a thot .why,just why??????

Brandon Pacheco says:

“Press the blue lever”

“PRESS the blue LEVER”

I don’t think thats how levers work.

Weeb Destroyah says:

This is silly, but not as silly as Sir Billi.

Gavin Brockschmidt says:

how can you drive with a tire on the darn hood???his drunk.

Zartyzzo says:

Did they hire a Japanese videogame dev to do those jiggle physics? Jesus Christ

Ingrid Vargas says:

The first shrek movie said the word ass a few times…

Rev. says:

Please review a bad Halloween movie for October

Belldannie says:

Would you consider doing a “Let’s Watch” of this one? I really enjoy laughing at bad movies, and all the ones you’ve covered so far have been a blast. c:

Katia Olivares says:

_ow man, my dad’s dating a girl younger than me. I’m very envious of her _*_massive knockers_*

John Dutkiewicz says:

Stop making all these cringy jokes, you’re not funny

Alejandra Herrera says:

No besii iiiii !

Daniel Lahaie says:

You didn’t mention The KGB officer dancing at the end

Dylan Fiore says:

They can act like ass means democrat, but still, the Russians were communist, and she just said ass, like she had to, it was funny when they said it in Shrek, but this just traumatizes me, I seriously feel that my fear of looking at photos of an anarchist chaos society with violence became less scary than this over sexualized probably illegal for kids in certain countries, dirty, racist, misogynist, pedophilia induced piece of garbage

Rose Echidna says:

I’ve always wonder what the fuck this was

Hanyu Kee says:

XD and it’s apparently a *children’s film*

gone says:

Saberspark is part of the ss

Maniac4Bricks says:

20:47 also, Sean Connery was Henry Jones Sr in one of the Indiana Jones films, the Last Crusade

PangoPixel says:


Daikon Funk says:

they said ass in shrek and that’s a kids movie

Bernie Oystermeyer says:

BTW, beaver = vagina

Maniac4Bricks says:

13:10 now THIS is podracing!

Draxis Blackwood says:

05.20, J I M M Y N E U T R O N.

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