YMS: Cool Cat Saves the Kids (Part 1 of 2)

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Jamienem says:

10:30 “God, that Derrick guy found another dealer.”

Nuclear Nerd says:

11:21 though

numaTruehome 100 says:

10:25 man walks out of house to get mail, sees man in a furry outfit taking to small children saying he loves them. Thinks to himself “Oh fuck no, to all of this, it’s my day off.” And backs up back into his house.

David Terrasidius says:


a man with a marker says:

where is cool cat?


E p i c M e m e s says:

Where the fuckle is part 2?

りょ〜にゃん放送局 LEONYAN NETWORK says:

there is a new cool cat film

i literally cant breathe

The two Lego bros And Lego shop says:

Cool cat is dead in side and Why is the news marking paper on bullying it’s a waste of paper and time and trees

The Midnight Assassin says:

Pedo-bear? More like Cool pedo-cat

Tamim Yaseen says:


*Slowly walks backwards*

zOInkS says:

Bad dragon….

Jungle Hunter says:

I need the link to that fucking demented Cool Cat song.

2computergeek says:

That Death Grips segment was a stroke of genius

Crazy Nerd says:

Sounds like he was trying to make a scruff mcgruff or a smokey bear type character for kids.

Clap Trap says:

10:27 Man comes out of his house Sees a human sized orange cat and thinks to himself ‘too much weed Matt, too much weed’ then slowly backs into his house again

L Lawliet says:

There’s another Cool Cat movie coming out this year.

The two Lego bros And Lego shop says:

I don’t have many friends and I am not a bully

tc103 says:

I’ve watched this particular YMS review like 7 times. It always manages to make me laugh when I’m feeling shitty.

Timothy Taylor says:

it’s so dumb

Honedge Knight Music says:

Goin’ G R I N K

Blackberry says:

Cool Cat loves men
Cool Cat loves gay sex
Cool Cat loves masturbation
Cool Cat loves pedophilia
Cool Cat loves to eat shit

GlitchtheEdgyAnimator 5Edgy44 says:

well ITS A BOUT A FURRY WHO MUST BE A BLACK PERSON UNDER DERE (not racist) and the furry gets hated and thia movie has bad acting and did you hear that pause when he was talking :l

Alex B. says:

How did Derek Savage write all those books when he can barely speak?

aelatalkstoomuch 368 says:

I came here from “Cool Cat learns fair use” and I thought Daddy Derek was a joke. Holy shit was I wrong

moontraveler12 says:

This looks like a pedophile’s wet dream.

the.pug. 1 says:


y tho says:

I fucking died when you zoomed into the guy backing into his door.

Ray Summers says:

I bet YMS was the guy in the cool cat suit. Fuckin furry…..ignore my profile picture

Derpy Hooves says:

This review was the first video that made me laugh in a while. Thank you.

Space Nova says:


Teknical Blu says:

i bet he rapes people in that thing tbh

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