A Quiet Place Angry Movie Review

AngryJoe is in A Quiet Place while OtherJoe & Alex Review A Quiet Place!

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Jon RD says:

They needed Geralt of Rivera Silver Sword

Draikenx says:

I agree with your criticisms. I was rolling my eyes on a couple of scene’s. I was thinking they put them in these crazy situations just for the sake of the movie. But everyone else I saw it with liked it. But yeah its a good one shot movie not much else to say about it.

márk fehér says:

One little thing. DONT WATCH THIS MOVIE IN CINEMAS. The immersion is broken every fucking second, because ppl are shoving shit into their mouths like they have never eaten before, kids asking their parents about the movie, etc etc. Im not against cinemas, dont get me wrong, but these annoying things are so much worse in this movie’s case, because the movie is almost 100% silent(a few sentences, thats it), and there is no sound to eleminate the annoying noises retarded ppl make. This movie is at its best, when you watch it at home, alone or with someone, in quiet harmony.

AND ME says:

This is not his first movie as a director… rather his third.

larockyoursockoff420 says:

Angry joe hated Godzilla cuz it jerked him off too much and he couldn’t cum. Angry joe liked quiet place cuz it jerked him off and he didn’t cum lol

Welll excuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuze me

Delaine Duquette says:

I didn’t like the ending. The movie just stop!

RussianJackal says:

I liked “a quiet place “, but my biggest complaints are pretty much the same ones that people have about “alien: covenant “, and that’s blatantly stupid decisions by otherwise smart characters. Keep in mind that this family survived for about two years, and is well informed about the creatures and knows how to avoid them (sand paths, soft board game pieces, sign language, insulation, etc. ) So the few moments (Spoilers!) that made me slap my forehead are:

1. Having a baby (self explanatory, maybe a result of accidental pregnancy).
2. The mother has an insulated room to stay in once the baby is born, and the approximate due date is known. Why is she not permanently stationed in that room at least a week before the due date, instead of running around on the surface until her water breaks?
3. After their grain silo adventure, the kids reunite with their father, who directs them to hide in a pickup truck. Why? At this point in the story nobody is being outright attacked, and everyone is relatively safe. The family can just quietly stroll back to the house by the same rules they used to survive so far.
4. The father then begins to sneak around with an ax. A fu**ing ax. In the presence of creatures that are well established to be armored and impervious to firearms. No further comments.
5. The father’s sacrifice. Didn’t seem necessary. The creatures didn’t seem too intelligent, and were shown to be easily distracted by pretty much any out of the ordinary noise. I remember mentally screaming: “you have a (pointless) ax. Throw the stick. Goddamit, just throw the stick!!!!”

So yeah, just like the video said, decent flick, but some logic and common sense needs to be set aside to fully enjoy it.

Janeen Sarver says:

this is his 3rd movie directing

The God Emperor says:

Saw this over the weekend, was really good.

Jon RD says:

The movie didnt make sense at all on how humanity neay got extinct. They never thought about using the sound frequency to put em on an island than Nuke the Island

TurboThunderGaming says:

She wasn’t using a hearing aid, they are called CI, Cochlea Implants. 🙂

Wyleberg Simpson says:

This is just Alien on a farm

odracir comix says:

thumbsup fore joe sign language and being quiet

Nuclearninja 10 says:

I saw it and would rate it a 6.5 – 7

MadkittenzK says:

I’m so confused why so many top comments are against joe…. This is literally his channel and his content, he does let his friends speak in his reviews and I think he’s quite friendly letting them share their opinion. I just think he has a louder voice so some of you guys think they don’t speak but they do you just don’t hear their soft voices.

spaghetti man says:

Did it remind anyone of a cloverfield spin off?

ma403 says:

the guy on the left is a fuking idiot .

Here's Johnny says:

The aliens seem strong, but I doubt they would be able to survive loud tanks simply driving over them.

martin smyth says:

9 out of 10 for me

ManlyMonster says:

YES! the fucking NAIL!

wiseguy100 says:

It is a horror film. Just because it didn’t happen to scare you, doesn’t change its genre. If you don’t laugh at a comedy movie, does that mean it’s not a comedy?!

Kevin Garrett says:

Nah, I couldn’t suspend my disbelief. The whole time I was thinking…WHAT? The Military didn’t think of this? Set up Noise Stations to attract the aliens and blast them to bits…invasion OVER…movie OVER…plot OVER…I was sorely disappointed. It would have been an easy fix to make this movie believable.
The News Headlines at the beginning of the movie could have said that the military easily defeated them, and issued sound weapons to the all the communities after the invasion…but there were a few alien stragglers left. The story could have centered around this family, when their sound weapon is damaged, and they have to figure out a new way to defeat one of these straggler aliens, which leads them to using the kid’s hearing aid…then it would have been believable.
Sadly, it was no Edge of Tomorrow.
Now that movie was great!

Darien Bartholomew says:

In a news article, it says meteorite crash lands in Mexico.

Loveblanket says:

Just saw it, and it was okay. A solid 6.5. The creature design wasn’t very good, I don’t know why they didn’t soundproof the house, keep the wife in the soundproof room for like a month before the birth and after. Too many holes and the whole concept is silly. There’s no way blind monsters that rely on sound could have had that much of a devastating effect on the entire planet. How could they have even functioned in a modern city with all the background noise? It was a pretty stupid film that most people in the theater I was in were laughing at.

Beniamin Szwaczka says:

Thank god Joe went silent and allowed them to speak. Alex knows his shit and does not get excited by every new hyped movie like Joes does. Other Joe is always more skeptical than Joe is hyped so I prefer those two. It was less chaotic and “screaming” review and and enjoyed it more. Less not funny jokes and overreactions. Not saying I don’t want to hear Joe anymore, but he could learn to be little bit more calm, constructive and informative when doing movie reviews.

I bet he would give new Avengers movie 9/10 anyway….

huda88 says:

Sounds like Mars attacks with the aliens weakness

adrian palafox says:

emmm…spoiler alert? xD

masterGAWK9 says:

Horrible movie to eat anything in

ladygiggles says:

Come on guys with the baby. It is probably difficult to not have a baby and have sex in a world where resources are not easy to find. They at least waited a long time. The baby probably was an accident.

Eddie Perez says:

Wow they both speak! Finally!!!

Thexan says:

I it just me; that i don’t give a fuck what that pasty ass dude on the left thinks.

Darien Bartholomew says:

Signs freaked me out as a kid. I surprised because I LOOOOVED Alien.

demarek says:

The guy on the left is an idiot

MadkittenzK says:

Angry joe now silent joe

The Original Carr says:

just go an add for sea of theves hahaha XD

James Jo says:

!!! i would watch his reviews!!!! DO IT~!~ thumbs up if u agree!!!!!!!!!!!!

theFareulookinat says:

How was it not horror

Constable Kranium says:

in such a dangerous world, importance of safe sex intensifies…

Becausethedaysareevil says:

Why have a baby? Because normal people don’t want to kill their children. Some people, believe it or not consider children a blessing. And also, if you don’t have kids the human race goes extinct…. you fellas are real fucking heroes lol.

MadkittenzK says:

I wish reviews could include the actual parts of the film like I spoilers, of course it’s a wish as probably would get copyrighted and blocked or whatever by the company 🙁

The silencer says:

Can joe do this every review

Ian Clark says:

I appreciate the honesty and point of view and all but it just makes me wonder, how do you guys enjoy movies at all if you nitpick every single detail like it’s a reenactment of a true event? It’s okay to just enjoy it for what it is lol xD

turl says:

I don’t get it. Why didn’t they just flex tape the kid?

Samuel Quintanilla says:

Loved this movie.

Jon says:

I approve of the OJ and Alex show. AJ always talks too much and it’s funny to see him called out on it. No hate just let someone else talk please

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