A Quiet Place – Movie Review

John Krasinski directs a thriller where a family tries to survive a world where the slightest sound will result in death from ravenous alien creatures. Here’s my review of A QUIET PLACE!

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BlankSpace says:

I went in there with questions and left with more questions.

A). You mean to tell me no one, not even the scientists could figure out their weakness?

B). If their attracted to loud sounds, why aren’t they by the waterfall or the river 24/7???

C). I’m over here thinking they have impenetrable skin which can handle bullets. Turns out no!!!! So y in gods name is it that that family is the only one who had a gun????? Not one sheriff? Where the army at?? A Molotov cocktail?? Something?!?!!

Sharkbait says:

This is a difference movie in a good way! I’m kind of getting of tired of super hero films. April… I’ll choose this over Infiniti war. I know that will be great but we have seen it all. Same shit different toilet for super hero films!!!

Le_Born Greatest says:

It’s hella fucking of a good time in the cinema. Replay value just rises every second in the movie.

iger dick says:

descent 3

Omowàle Zaquir says:

This looks like Signs on steroids, minus the water…

Ian Kolesnikow says:

This is the first time I’ve ever disagreed with Jeremy …. this movie has barely any exposition concerning the “monsters”…. the younger characters were a pain in the ass, especially the daughter (I wanted her to die) …. only two good scenes…

Stephen Mills says:

does yelling during your review help offset your inability to do a proper review?

Annie1962 says:

I enjoyed it.,, my son noped out. The premise JJ talks about. well I disagree . Thought the endingwas ok


Awesome movie. I was totally engaged from beginning to end. And I gotta disagree with Jeremy, I absolutely loved the ending. I thought it was perfect, cause they make it absolutely clear what’s gonna happen without needing to show you. A+, 5 stars, whatever you want to call it, the movie was amazing.

Clifford Close says:

I thought the movie was good and I liked/disliked it for the same reasons you did basically.

However, one big problem I had with the film was its soundtrack. I felt that it was way too big and distracting for a movie called “A Quiet Place.” I felt all too often that it was telling me how to feel when I think that the minimalist approach would’ve been so much better and brought a lot more real emotion to the film.

But idk. That’s just my opinion.

Ajarmetta says:

very unique movie but was repetitive, too many scenes that were in rooms with close shots was seen too many times

The Disaster Guys says:

will watch it upcoming friday, i’m very curious how it’ll be, i definitely have high hopes for it.

Le_Born Greatest says:

“Horror movies suck these days”

John Krasinski: “Hold my Beer”

Arif says:

I know which “release” scene you’re talking about and Emily took my breath away in it (as per usual)

Just Out of Frame Movie Reviews says:

Caught without a Slim Whitman record. But, they did all right.

S Pod says:

Jeremy you’re so right the audience reacts quietly thus adding to the suspense.

Darkhorde says:

Loved this movie, just got back from it. So good. So unique and well done. This movie and the concept it revolves around could have failed so hard and so bad, but the direction and the acting just made this movie excel to epic heights. Great great movie.

Javier Fernandez says:

I disagree. The movie ended in the perfect spot.


The family has discovered how to kill the monstersn and has killed one of the three confirmed in the area. Ending the movie with Emily Blunt reloading the shotgun is perfect. First: if the movie showed you them killing the Ali and it would have been a completely different movie. Second: yes, the most likely scenario is they killed the aliens and shared that knowledge with the world; but ending the movie where it ends allows you to have a different scenario in which, let’s say, the power goes down and they can’t use the amplifier and not all of them (if any) survive the encounter. Personally I prefer an open ending in which I can imagine different scenarios.

That said, my favourite scene is Krasinsky’s character’s death. As a father I could perfectly empathize with him and it almost made me cry.

J Sin says:

A Quiet Place 2 – Retalliation of The Ninjas

Flourish Adebayo Omotola says:

Mad movie

MrWereverforever says:

the ending looked so dumb and generic imo, movie was good tho

sage stumpp says:

My biggest problem with this movie tbh, is that it took them like what, almost two years to discover that a race of aliens that are blind and have super super sensitive hearing are vulnerable to high pitches. Like it took you that long to find out the sound is their strength amd weakness

Sammy F says:

His review is sort of ignorant when looking at it on a deaf perspective.

junghoxseok says:

i was almost offended when the daughter turned off her hearing aid lol

Quique Leal says:

i went to see this movie but damn those people eating popcorn and worse those puberty jokester kids… they ruined the entire first acts of the movie… by half point of the movie the room was completely silent though…. i dont know whether to recomend watching this movie at the theaters or waiting till you can watch it on your own or with your GF/BF at home without distractions. a must watch, but if at the theater you need to get lucky getting a good audience.

Mikal Mullaly says:

Excellent movie!

JCD says:

The movie was great- I hope they make a sequel!!

Blighted Ashes says:

when they have sex… do they have a hole cut through a pillow so he can fuck her through the pillow?

Rex67Diego9 fandub says:

the ending was pretty dumb tho

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