A Quiet Place – Movie Review

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Chris Stuckmann reviews A Quiet Place, starring Emily Blunt, John Krasinski, Millicent Simmonds, Noah Jupe. Directed by John Krasinski.


Rochell Barbara says:

This movie was amazing !!!!

Charmedsas1 says:

Check out the movie “orbiter 9” on Netflix. Really good.
Hope you do a review of it @christstuckman

Puspa Malinda says:

I am quite disagreed about a kid’s rocketship scene could has writen better. I saw the the script is well written, according to the nature of a children of his age.

Gustav Wälivaara says:

Will you review the Indiana Jones movies??

Samuel Mathews says:

Chris, please do a blu-ray collection video!

Charlie_Willie says:

The only people that didn’t like this movie just didn’t like how “quiet” it was.

Sweta Malakar says:

When M Night Shyamalan’s “Signs” meet Spielberg’s ” War of the worlds” , “A quiet place” we see.

Bob Morris says:

Here are just a few problems I couldn’t get over with this film….
Who planted all that corn? Where did they get all that electricity? How did those raccoons survive so long? Why was it that the alien could slice right through the silo….but was struggling to get through that thin truck roof?

lookifyouwant says:

what military grade weapons??? all i saw was a shotgun… i guess i missed something…
i dont know how they didnt figure out frequency from the very beginning, its literally what i thought of from the beginning credits.
1.3% people didnt like the vid, not bad!

Michael Daniel says:

Love the movie good review perhaps the movie could be subtitled” life without an AR-15 ” in the near future when the government’s confiscated all of our AR-15s only left with shotguns to defend ourselves the monsters take over

menice says:

I had high hopes for this movie with the reviews I’ve heard an I can’t say it was a terrible movie but it wasn’t good either

killa 954 says:

Solar power!!!

MickDaMack 08 says:

U seem tired and stressed out, man

Jehan Alexander says:

The young kid walking in back was idiotic lol

Matt Butler says:

Really good movie and I am usually not a fan of horror.

Andrew Liljenberg says:

People next to me in the theater were being too loud, so I said, “Shhh. It’s A Quiet Place.” Loved this movie.

Hanna Thompson says:

Okay so basically, when she gives birth, shes fucked

TheMine Creator says:

Wait is the movie like silent most of the movie?Im either watching this or Ready Player One

Mond Königin says:

Wow! The movie just has ended and I’m speechless. Excellent film.

xXT1G3RBL00DXx says:

Glad you mentioned Signs, couldn’t help but draw a similarity between the two

Alan Martinez says:

*daughter makes a loud sound
***jim stares at camera***

robbi wardius says:

Can you please do a review of the florida project?

Ahmad Abdallah says:

Prequel gonna happen where Krasinski is a SEAL that survives the invasion and then it leads into this.

phil lawson says:

This movie was so hyped up and so bad, the kids were borderline moronic for having grown up supposedly learning how to be quiet, there are dozens of times in the movie when they are being very very loud and nothing is happening although it should, mivies these days are made for morons by morons and this is garbage

MickDaMack 08 says:

U have a lot recently

Parsa Alinia says:

This movie is Krasinski’s studio directorial debut

henbo bbx says:

What if you wanna yodel in Walmart?

Commenter says:

This movie was a masterpiece

The Ocean Man says:

They had power because of the solar panels out by the corn thingy.

Melanie Szelong says:

I think with the boy and the rocket, little kids don’t have impulse control like older kids and adults. My little sister always walked out into traffic such as leaving a store and going into the parking lot. My mom had to get real good at hooking the back of her shirt, but when you have more than one kid, you cannot always catch the child with the worst impulse control.

Think 4 Yourself says:

I just saw this movie last night. Honestly, it was one of the best movie theater experiences I have ever experienced. The theater was super quiet and people were really careful not to make any noise.

Spic and Span says:

It was crazy how silent the movie theater was. People could hear me munching on popcorn. Forgetting how silent the movie was I flatulated 2 time and heard someone say disgusting. Good movie though.

Double Guitars says:

I’m pretty sure I saw solar panels on the roof.

tiger22 says:


dekumutant says:

it was okay

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