A Silent Voice – Movie Review

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Chris Stuckmann reviews A Silent Voice, starring Miyu Irino, Saori Hayami. Directed by Naoko Yamada.


Darth Jaulce says:

My heart was melting away by the time the credits rolled.

Also, Chris sounds like the movie really touched him. I feel bad for him being bashed by all his haters.

LUST says:

This movie is beautiful

Sourav Datta says:

This is undoubtedly a way better movie than ‘Your Name’. This movie deals with many complicated issue like bullying, depression, suicide, disability in such amazing way that it can easily create a lasting impression on anyone’s mind.
*** I become a better person by watching this Anime. Can’t say the same for ‘Your Name’ 😛
So , It kinda hurts when you gave ‘Koe No Katachi’ an A- while ‘Your Name’ got A+ 🙁

Jim Philips says:

Review Akira dammit! Please.

Mit1017 says:

There’s no way in hell I’m watching anime, but I will watch a Chris Stuckmann video on anime!

Ryan Mudd says:

That moment when you ship the deaf girl with the bully

That's_ Mildly_adequate says:

God dammit this movie fucked me up

TheCreepypro says:

super glad you covered this because I think this deserves as much acclaim as Your Name and sadly I don’t think it has till now

Batman Aka Alex says:

Damnit chris where is my daddy’s home 2 review

*Almighty* *Loaf* says:

Last time I was this early
My *ASSHOLE* still itches

Jacob Lief says:

Great review! Always happy to see you do more anime reviews.

Kristine Silmaro says:

Love this movie so much! And I also like your background. Soooo jealous of those Spike and Kenshin figurines. Needs more posters imo though….

ame123 says:


Kai Hyem says:

“I lub moon”

Casual Cunt says:

You’re cute

exgardevior says:

Chris please review One Punch Man 😀

deeman010gdj says:

I agree with your criticisms…. I think they tried to fit too much into the film. They probably should’ve cut some more of the side stories. I still love it though, saw it thrice.

GambitFactor Presents: says:

I love movies like this and, “Your name” i might check this movie out.

RawbThatPunk says:

I was hoping it would be compared to Your Name throughout the review but with Chris pointing out the unconventional elements, I am damned interested in seeing it.

Chris Noctskie says:

It’s an ok film, but it could have been great if it weren’t for it’s issues. First is “X’s marks the spot” i don’t care if it’s on the manga, the moment they put X’s on characters faces, I was like really? The symbolism is just in your face literally. It would have been ok if they blurred out faces but nooo we have to put X on their face so that dumb audience would understand. Imagine if Leonardo di Caprio in inception looked at his children face in the dream world/memories and there’s an X that hides their face. 2nd is characters turns 180. The 2 main leads could go fuck themselves for all i care. maybe it’s the writers fault? idk?

sam absin says:

ive read the manga and i really cried alot. ALOT. but it does have a very satisfying ending.

Matthew Schell says:

Are you going to do a review of “Blade of the Immortal”?

Maddy Kim says:

omg! yes! I recommended this! yas~!

Farid Farid says:

If the movie is truly faithful to original material this for sure will get an A+ from chris. but the movie will be like 3 1/2 hours tho. one thing he doesn’t mention is also how the movie discusses on suicide.

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