A Wrinkle In Time – Movie Review

A book to movie adaptation involving 2 siblings on the search for their father on an adventure across imaginative yet shallow worlds, and a messy plot. Here’s my review for A WRINKLE IN TIME!

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Steam Punk says:

why were the flying on a lettuce?

Terry Cawthon says:

Disneys next Tomorrow Land

Jonathan Robertson says:


Afro Samurai says:

Tron 3 NEEDS to happen. The world building in “Legacy” was excellent. If we can just get a slightly more written plot along with the pre-existing great cgi and graphics, I think the 3rd movie could be a box office success.

AlexTheGamingFan says:

I should go see Annihilation instead.

A Man Apart says:

A director like Christopher Nolan would never be able to work with disney. It is like they want to make a movie how they see it and mess with directors. Like they did with Edgar right in ant man.

GILx87 says:

Please review Thoroughbreds

Hapsetshut says:

The planet hoping makes more sense with the book for context

Trevor Pacelli says:

I’m honestly surprised you didn’t dogshit this one.

Hinterhof96 says:

I don’t get why directors don’t make the main cast of movies black every time, that way they’d be immune to negative reviews

corina briceno says:

The absolute worst movie I’ve ever seen and I was really trying to give it a chance. Towards the end I was dying for the credits and had more fun talking shit about how terrible it was lol

Sentry SS says:


Spider- Venom says:

Kind of had the feeling this would be bad. The trailers just looked so boring to me.

Ashleigh Meyer says:

Oh man I just saw the movie and your review took the words right out of my mouth. I desperately wanted this movie to be a memorable Disney movie classic because it has so many actors and actresses that I love and respect unfortunately the second I walked out of the theater I completely forgot what I had just seen.

Nicolae Andrei says:

A tron trilogy?… I thought I was alone. I admit the story for Tron 2 wasn’t much but boy, the visuals and the music… did it for me.

Hapsetshut says:

Smart kids talk like that, it happens

Raul Yanes says:

Ha! Not surprised. The book is pretty overrated.

Cole Gerlach says:

I thought the kid actually killed it. He did really well as a child actor and had to do way more than most people in the movie

Jose Rodriguez says:

It was a wrinkle of my time. Thats for sure.

MtnDewGuy100 says:

Cause honey your soul could never grow old it’s evergreen !

Samuel Mathews says:


Jonathan Fradette says:

Pfff you can’t beat a lv 60 dragon with a lv 6 rouge? You amateur! You just got to hide and sneak attack over and over again.

TheRealAlpha2 says:

Between Wreckit Ralph 2 and (maybe someday) kingdom hearts 3 I keep wanting to see more Tron, stop reminding me!

Samuel Mathews says:

The book is a lot better.

Ilham Purwana says:


Shelly Love says:

Not a good movie at all very disappointed

BrammerHammer23 says:

Its average at best.

cameron says:


sacrificialtomato says:

I always thought an anime movie or series would have been a good adaptation for the book.

Mike Revelle says:

Omg this just occurred to me… What if Jermey breaks his right arm? How is he gonna do his signature sign off? Lol just messin

Partisan Black says:

Ava Duvernay walked away from Black Panther, because Disney wouldn’t let her make the T’Challa gay and focus more on the female characters.

Neimykanani says:

Could you do a review on the animated movie The Breadwinner?

TBH Reviews says:

I agree we need another tron movie

noel acevedo says:

Did you just make a d&d reference? If so, dope lol.

Sam-main says:


John Smith says:

I read the book. This movie are very different from the book. Calvin needed some more personality. I was shocked that the creature Whatsit transforms into was different from the book. The book describes it to be a centaur like with wings. They went with a different form. Evil villain was comical in this movie. In the book he is darker character. There was another movie they did in 2003 that was closer to the book. I a feel like I like that one more.

Sven Servette says:

It was made by a feminist. What did you expect?

Liam Mellon says:

Please review Jessica Jones Season 2

Simon Seal says:

S-space centaurs?!?

Azam Beg says:

i agree……………… give us more TRON

Stuff I Made Productions says:

Disney files $30 mil lawsuit against internet critic over his alleged desire for a Tron 3

Hapsetshut says:

Ok, that wonderful line was basically in the book, so the fault here seems to lie in it not transferring over very well

Lewys Tapscott-Nott says:

Jeremy, this movie has a brilliant layout, but would have been better if it wasn’t Disney.

MayvaAva says:


rateyellow3 says:

I kill giants

Brandon Caywood says:

You should review more older movies

Calvin Tang says:

diversity gone wild and wrong

King Gigan says:

Wow a lot of movie’s are sucking so far.

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