Adrift – Movie Review


Chris Stuckmann reviews Adrift, starring Shailene Woodley, Sam Claflin. Directed by Baltasar Kormákur.


Tobo McLukewarm says:

kinda surprised he didnt mention hos podcast with Adam Alex and Ralph

Crono Sapien says:

Didn’t know Shailaine Woodley was still a thing after the Divergent movies ended. Glad to know she is, since she’s a pretty güd actor and basically the only person who kept those shietty movies afloat. Such as with this movie.
No-pun intended.
(Though this’s okay.)

Jake Hackman says:


JustCallMeYork says:

Spoilers but maybe his character wasn’t there for plot related reasons

ufcismma says:

Good review though you effectively talked me out of ever wanting to see this film. The bad story structure, the flashbacks, stranded at sea, a lot of things I already get annoyed by.

Mordecai 18 says:

Lol i got an adrift ad before this video

Caroline Williams says:

I’d probably rate it higher but Totally agree with your review. Also thought the score was practically nonexistent I can’t recall any of it which made the scenes have less of an emotional impact.

txund erball says:

When he was asked during a press event what motivated him during the shoot, Claflin said free vacation to tropics, and he wasn’t kidding.

Guido Carbonetti says:

Ingrid goes west review??

Cal Coffey says:

@ChrisStuckmann what ever happened to your promised neon demon explained video and Vampire’s kiss hilariocity video

david mckesey says:

Sam clafton sucks as a actor lol. He is a shit Nicholas hault

Yuval.A says:

moonlight is overrated

Austin Whitaker says:

Spoilers I guess ….

The “imaginary man” didn’t work for me and felt like a decision made to trick the audience and get a reaction and it felt predictable and over detailed

Michael Snake says:

So white people the movie

jainam shah says:

The only reason I am going to watch this is Shailene Woodley. I LOVE HER !!!

cleverboy86 says:

I grew up with Chris Stuckmann

Justin Gonzalez says:

I have a super stupid question but I’ll ask it anyways… chris once Gave us the opportunity to have a free week or so of Hulu plus with his name. How do I do that cause all I see is start your free trial and then I have to put in my email and password it doesn’t give me the option to just put his name lol

Ahmad Almaiman says:

So looking 4ward

malcolm adderley says:

I will pack my own iceberg
To save me from this crapsis. Millennial insipid
Whining, ugh! Twilight on
Sea, let them eat stake.

JackDoesStuff says:

There was another film
called adrift, where the majority of the film is spent entirely in the sea, I don’t know if anyone else remembers that one, was quite a low budget movie.

Corri Noel says:

That’s a shame … good for her, I hope her next project gives her a better co-star

Mr Sameh says:

Hi Chris, I hope you see this comment. I saw this movie as a kid “Perfume – Story of a murderer”. I remember loving it. The years passed and the memory of the movie slipped into the back of my mind. I rewatched the film just now and I thought it was brilliant. I would love to hear your thoughts on the film, perhaps in the format of a review? Hope Im not asking too much.

Joseph Soto says:

Imma keep it real wit u chief… this shit was boring af

TheLogical TeenageBoy says:

This film is basically Act 2, Act 1, and Act 3 The Movie

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